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  • Interview With Anna Oposa

    Anna Oposa is the co-founder of Save Philippine Seas, a movement to protect the country's rich but threatened marine and coastal resources through information, education and communication activities and community-based projects. One of its projects is SEA Camp, a series of youth camps in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao held this summer. The Visayas camp will open on April in Lake Balanan, Siaton, Negros Oriental. SEA Camp is supported by the U.S. Embassy Manila.

    Oposa shares some of her thoughts about the project:

    What is the vision behind SEA Camp?

    The vision behind the SEA Camp is to em ...

  • Balanans Beautiful Sanctuary Finding The Most Majestic Birds

    Balanans Beautiful Sanctuary Finding The Most Majestic Birds

    Bird watching is fun in Balanan at Siaton, Negros Oriental.

    Balanan Lake in Sandulot, Siaton, Negros Oriental is definitely a must-visit destination this summer if you're looking for a nature adventure. Nestled within the area is an expansive mountain resort with a 4-kilometer circumferential pathway perfect for trying out various water and land activities such as trekking and boating.

    Almost a hundred balete trees can be found in the old forest of Balanan where a treehouse was built. Aside from the resort and the view of the lake, Balanan is also home to several species of birds.

    If ...

  • Balanan Lake of Siaton Negros Oriental

    Siaton Negros Oriental.

  • Lake Balanan Siaton Negros Oriental Philippines 5

    Vacation at Lake Balanan, Siaton, in Negros Oriental.