Pulangbato Falls

Valencia, Negros Oriental

Pulangbato Falls is located in the Ocoy Valley in the town of Valencia Negros Oriental. It is aptly named so because of the waterfall's seemingly red river water which is caused by the presence of natural reddish rocks found in the area. Pula is the native word for red while bato, for rock. Thus, if interpreted, the name would be red rock.

Like many other waterfalls, swimming lagoon ...

s and pools in the town of Valencia, Pulangbato Falls is blessed with calm and refreshing waters. This is mainly because of Valencia's geography ??" 60% of its land composition being hilly and mountainous ??" that the climatic temperature is always moderate to cool.

Pulangbato Falls has a wide cascade. The water pours down into a swimming hole that is also deep enough for high dives. Enthusiasts clamber up to a nearby rock that functions as a diving point and free fall into the water basin. The shape of Pulangbato Falls has been considered unique because of its layered structure. At the first tier, the cascade begins narrowly and widens progressively as it moves down the next levels. At a distance, the waterfalls look triangular in shape.

Pulangbato Falls News

  • Pulang Bato Falls, Valencia Negros Oriental

    Pulang Bato Falls, Valencia Negros Oriental

    Located in the town of Valencia in Negros Occidental lies the haven of beautiful and soothing waterfalls. One of which is the famous Pulangbato Falls or also known as the Malabo Falls. Not only this place is famous for the locals but also for the neighboring place like Dumaguete City due to the close distance proximity. This waterfall is one of the Twin Falls found in the Barangay of Malabo. There are two cascading falls emerging from two different water sources from the high mountain.

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    Negros Oriental is an underrated province in Visayas. Its capital and main port, Dumaguete City (the City of Gentle People) is now emerging as a popular tourist destination because of its strategic location. From its port, you can easily jump across various islands in the Visayas and Mindanao. Its neighbor provinces Negros Occidental (where Bacolod is situated) and the mystic island of Siquijor are very much accessible from Dumaguete City, the provinces capital. Acting as a gateway to various beautiful attractions, Dumaguete City has been a favorite side trip of travelers visiting Cebu, Bohol, ...

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    When in Dumaguete, visit the Pulang Bato Falls. watch dolphins in Bais Bay, eat fresh sea urchins and oysters in Manjuyod Sandbar and swim with the sea turtles in Apo Island.

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  • Red Rock Falls Negros Oriental Travel To Philippines

    Red Rock Falls Negros Oriental Travel To Philippines

    Red Rock Falls, Pulang Bato Falls, or Red River Valley Waterfalls, whatever you may call it, the place is just too perfect if you want to enjoy the beauty and sound of nature. Its a paradise where you can simply relish this unique waterfalls with seemingly red water due to the red rocks present in the river valley. The minerals contained by the rocks make the reddish appearance of the water but it remains clear and refreshing for a dip.

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