Masaplod Norte Marine Sanctuary

Dauin, Negros Oriental

Masaplod Norte Marine Fish Sanctuary is located in Masaplod Norte, Dauin, Negros Oriental. It is one of the oldest sanctuaries in the area is the Masaplod sanctuary. This sanctuary boasts of its rich marine biodiversity. Big coral formations in the shallow area as well as in the deeper area make it home to schools of small jacks, trevallys, sweetlips and snappers. You can also see stingrays, nudi ...

branchs, triggerfish, big turtles and groupers.

Masaplod Norte Marine Fish Sanctuary News

  • Best Dive Sites In Dauin Negros Oriental

    Best Dive Sites In Dauin Negros Oriental

    Dauin, a fourth class town in Negros Oriental in the Visayas Region is a superb hub for divers. The town literally boasts of dive sites teeming with vibrant underwater creatures and landscapes. Although it's recommended that you explore all of Dauin's dive sites, you may not be able to do so given the limited time, so take your pick from this list.

    Atlantis House Reef (65 feet)

    ??" This reef features hard corals and dark sand with plenty of sea grass where numerous razorfish, hairy frogfish, ghost pipefish, cuttlefish and sea horse thrive.

    Car Wrecks (100 feet)

    ??" There are two ca ...

  • Dauin Muck Diving With The Clowns

    Dauin Muck Diving With The Clowns

    Located in the Philippine province of Negros Oriental, Dauin offered exciting dive sites for the muck divers; scuba divers who loves muck diving. Not many scuba divers love this type of diving, this is a type of dive where scuba divers dive in sandy or sediment bottom to look for weird looking sea animals. There is no pretty corals, but more dark sand slope with artificial reef like car tires or unused bikes in the dive sites. However in Dauin, the sandy slope dive sites are often accompanied by few corals with anemone fish, the clownfish! The clownfish were seen almost in every dive sites, wh ...

  • Dauin Marine Reserve and Sanctuary

    Dauin Marine Reserve and Sanctuary

    We woke up confused since we forgot that time changed today and it was still dark at eight o'clock in the morning as winter weather continues. I didn't feel like doing anything today but the promise of delicious dim sum for lunch with friends got us up and moving. The dim-sum didn't disappoint at Shanghai Chinese Restaurant and up to par with what we usually ate in San Francisco. I'm glad our friends discovered this place and we're definitely going back there soon.

    When we arrived home, I was so full and thankful that it made up for the dreary day we're having. To lift up my spirits more, I ...

  • Second Muck Diving Trip In Dauin Part 2

    Second Muck Diving Trip In Dauin Part 2

    Day 3 / Dive 6 / Site: Rock West, Apo Island
    Most of the guests of the shop would go diving in Apo Island on that day, so I just followed them. We had three dives there, and the first dive in Rock west was my favorite. The visibility was the best which was 25 to 30 meters and the current was almost none. The seabed there is covered by many kinds of soft and hard corals. I used 14mm end of my Panasonic kit lens for that day.

    I told Rocky no need to find some small stuffs and just enjoy the dive. The bigger stuffs we saw were sea turtle and eel.

    Day 3 / Dive 7 / Site: Chapel, Apo Island

  • Second Muck Diving Trip In Dauin

    Second Muck Diving Trip In Dauin

    After only four months, I went to Dauin (Dumaguete, Negros, Philippines) for diving again. I hadn't gone for a diving trip to a same place within such a short time.

    The reason is the experience I had in Dauin was very wonderful and I couldn't wait to go there again. I shared the diving environment of Dauin in the previous article.

    You can check it first, and you will have more ideas about muck diving in Dauin. Mostly, I only share what interesting creatures I saw in this article. Except diving in Apo Island on the third day, I used Panasonic 45mm Macro lens to take these pictures.

    Tha ...

  • Barracuda Gang Freediving And Underwater Filming

    Mainint and Masaplod, Negros Island, Dauin, 29.03.2013 GOPR0923.

    Tricolor e Budianus nas Cagarras durante o Mirantesco Spearfishing World Cup.

    Some days i find myself hunting with my camera and not my Gun :) Freediving and Underwater Filming.

    I took this video during my last visit to Thailand, I did few dives in Ko Phi Phi Island and Patong beach, but Ko Phi Phi was the best site dive ever. The wa...

    Michael Brooks shot sambo.

    Film and edition: Will Dyde Song: "Snowing" Music by: Peter Rudenko.

    Epinephelus malabaricus.

    This cave is full of minnows this time of year.

    "Ra ...