Manjuyod White Sandbar

Manjuyod, Negros Oriental

Manjuyod White Sandbar Marine Sanctuary is a pristine 7 kilometer stretch of premium white sand can be accessed via a short 15 minute boat ride from Capinahan Wharf in the South Bais Bay, Bais City Negros Oriental. The area is also popular for whale and dolphin watching. The sandbar emerges only during low tides. On the island you can find native wooden houses built on stilts ??" and which, during ...

high tide, appears to be floating on the water. These cottages could be rented for overnight stays and can be booked at the Bais City Tourism Office.

Manjuyod White Sandbar Marine Sanctuary News

  • Travel Guide Manjuyod Sandbar Dolphin Watching

    Travel Guide Manjuyod Sandbar Dolphin Watching

    Luxurious water villa, crystal clear water, and disperse marine life are just some of the things that come to mind when we say Maldives. Most of us if not everyone has dreamt of having the grandest vacation in the said country. Know for its beauty, yet not just anyone can visit. Given the distance from the Philippines (no direct flight to Male), and the big amount of cash that sticks to its name.

  • What We Find In Manjuyod Negros Oriental

    This the 2nd class municipality in ... Tourist attractions in Manjuyod start from the white sand bar and dolphin watching and some caves here and the highway name hinampangan... good for snorkeling and diving..

  • Lakwatsero Sa Negros Oriental To See Is To Believe

    There are lots to see, and tons to experience in Negros Oriental. Mula sa dolphin, hanggang sa white sandbar, siguradong mabubusog ang mga mata mo rito.

  • Dumaguete, Cebu And Guimaras Islands Philippines

    Discover Negros Oriental in the Philippines

    When in Dumaguete, visit the Pulang Bato Falls. watch dolphins in Bais Bay, eat fresh sea urchins and oysters in Manjuyod Sandbar and swim with the sea turtles in Apo Island.

    When in Cebu, witness the majestic Tumalog Falls, see whalesharks up close in Oslob and sardine run in Moalboal.

    When in Guimaras, eat their famous mangoes, visit the Magic Island Resort, stay at Losa?es Mango Farm and Resort and see the wonders of the Guimaras islands.

  • Bais Dolphins, Haciendas, Sandbar And Sweet Nothings

    Bais Dolphins, Haciendas, Sandbar And Sweet Nothings

    Bais City in Negros Oriental is not a popular travel destination. Save for summer & long holidays when the town gets full of tourists, the rest of the year is usually quiet. Most tourists come here only for two things: dolphins & the long sand bar in Manjuyod.

  • Travel Guide To Paradise Explore Dumaguete, Apo Island And Siquijor In 4 Days

    Travel Guide To Paradise Explore Dumaguete, Apo Island And Siquijor In 4 Days

    What lies in the heart of Siquijor is a 400-year old Balete Tree. This tree is enchanting as it is also connected to a small blue pond with tiny fishes that nibble on your feets dead skin cells. Dont worry, it wont hurt. Itll just tickle! Its a great spot to just sit and relax. This place also has booths that sell love potions and voodoo dolls. They also have a coconut stand where you can buy buko for just PHP 30.