Maayong Tubig Marine Sanctuary

Dauin, Negros Oriental

Maayong Tubig Marine Fish Sanctuary is located in Bulak, Dauin, Negros Oriental and has a size of 7 hectares.

Maayong Tubig Marine Fish Sanctuary News

  • Dive Dauin Dumaguete Sites

    Dive Dauin Dumaguete Sites

    Scuba Dive Dauin , hosts several popular beach resorts with both local and foreign tourists, who come scuba diving here from all over the world.

    The coast of Dauin offers scuba dive sites with both coral reef and muck dive opportunities.

    The municipality has established several sanctuaries, within which fishing and boating is absolutely prohibited.

    These sites are well preserved and offer a huge variety and quantity of life forms.

    This includes sites such as Mainit sanctuary, Luca sanctuary, Dauin sanctuary and Masaplod sanctuary.

    These sites are well preserved and offer a huge ...

  • Snorkeling In Dauin

    Snorkeling In Dauin

    The municipality of Dauin is a famous snorkeling and diving paradise located down south of the Negros island. It is less than an hour away from Dumaguete city.

    Their public market by the highway is where you must step down from the Ceres bus. We would always purchase our food and drinks there, right before hitting the beach. We also highly recommend taking a leisurely stroll to the St. Nicolas of Tolentine Parish, which is reportedly the oldest church in the entire province.

    But, like we said, the best way to discover Dauin is to snorkel or dive its rich waters, not strolling. Indeed, we ...

  • Skin Diving At Maayong Tubig Marine Sanctuary

    KM 22 Meet Up
    I was supposed to hitch a ride with Maria, a German diver getting her Advanced Diving Certificate with Max, to KooKoo's Nest. Max informed me that they'll be doing a dive at KM 22 and that I can meet with them at 1pm for KooKoo's Nest. Since I'll be at the dive site anyway, why not come early and do a little dive myself

    Top Loading on a Jeep
    Boarding the jeep early to squeeze in a dive, I also top-loaded myself. I usually do this if the trip is less than an hour (over an hour and you get sunburn, butt discomfort [since you're sitting on narrow steel tubing] and fatigue). Bei ...