Liptong Woodland

Bacong, Negros Oriental

Liptong Woodland is located at Bacong, Negros Oriental is the fruit of Rene Vendiola's (more fondly known by locals as Tatay Ete) efforts to preserve the Philippines' native trees and plants, especially those from Negros Island. In fact, majority of the plants in this one-hectare forest are threatened and endangered species.

Liptong Woodland News

  • After 100 Years

    After 100 Years

    (No, I'm not referring to how long I've been away from this blog!)

    It was our furthest twitch ever!

  • Rare Bird Sighted After 111 Years

    Rare Bird Sighted After 111 Years

    An unexpected appearance of a dazzling visitor at a man-made forest in Negros Oriental province set hearts aflutter in the small but tightly knit birding community in the Philippines.

    On March 19, naturalist and conservationist Rene Vendiola spotted an unusual bird foraging on the leaf litter at a native tree plantation and wildlife sanctuary, called Liptong Woodland, in Bacong town, Negros Oriental.

    Vendiola, who started and continues to maintain Liptong Woodland, took a set of blurry pictures of the colorful visitor and uploaded these on Facebook in July.

    Despite the poor quality of ...

  • Passion For Nature

    In the year 2011, Rene 'Tatay Eti' Vendiola was awarded the General Pantaleon Villegas Award as "Outstanding Baconganon" for environmental conservation. In 2012 'Tatay Eti' received the Ramon Aboitiz Foindation Inc. (RAFI) Triennial Award on Exemplary Individual for environment conservation.

    And last February 22, 2016, HABAGAT Ambassador Rene "Tatay Eti" Vendiola received the Environmental Protection Award from the Office of the Presidential Adviser for Environmental Protection. This award was presented to him by Sec. J. R. Nereus O. Acosta, Secretary/Presidential Adviser for Environmental ...

  • Liptong Woodland The Little Forest That Could Save Trees

    Liptong Woodland The Little Forest That Could Save Trees

    Trees thick and slender ??" some with tiny leaves, some with leaves bigger than dinner plates ??" towered to the sky and shielded my companions and I from the late morning sun.

    Occasionally, a splash of color from flowers greeted us as we walked around the forest.

    The trees, flowers, and plants here looked so much at home that I was later surprised to find out that this forest was manmade, planted only less than 10 years ago, and by just one man who has a big heart for native trees and plants.

    Liptong Woodland at Bacong, Negros Oriental is the fruit of Rene Vendiola's (more fondly kno ...

  • An Appeal To People Who Plant Trees

    An Appeal To People Who Plant Trees

    It was quiet, very quiet. All around me, dark mahogany trees rose to the sky.

    I basked in the silence as I walked around and admired thick trunks and roots flowing like tiny rivers. The occasional patches of sunlight breaking through the canopy made the silent forest all the more magical.

    It was so beautiful that it was hard for me to imagine that this was not a forest made exclusively by nature. In fact, its name said it all ??" Bilar Manmade Forest.

    I have long since admired the forest and the hands that planted it. The two-kilometer forest was planted as part of a reforestation pro ...

  • Green Convert Shuns Kainginero Past

    When Rene "Tatay Ite" Vendiola saw the photos of trees lost to illegal logging and "kaingin," he made a silent promise to create a mini-forest to give back what he took away when he was into slash-and-burn farming.

    He has kept his vow??"and more.

    Vendiola set up Liptong Woodland in Bacong town in Negros Oriental, which is home to native tree species and other local wildlife. He is also implementing a 100-hectare reforestation project with the municipality and has played a significant role in crafting a municipal ordinance that illegalizes the hunting of wildlife.

    For his contributions ...