Casaroro Falls

Valencia, Negros Oriental

Casaroro Falls are located in Valencia, Negros Oriental. The cool waters of the cascade drops to a swimming basin, almost enclosed by steep precipices and lush vegetation.

Hikers traverse an adventurous nature trail. Popular among the locals and visitors and considered the province's most photographed waterfalls.

Casaroro Falls News

  • Ultimate Negros Island Waterfalls Travel Guide For You

    Ultimate Negros Island Waterfalls Travel Guide For You

    Negros Island is full of stunning natural attractions from its pristine beaches, lush green forests, eco-parks to its beautiful mountains. But aside from that, there are also lots of majestic waterfalls scattered all over the province that deserves to be mentioned. Well, here?s a travel guide that will help you chase some of the best Negros Island Waterfalls.

  • Journey Going Home Casaroro Falls Side Trip

    Journey Going Home Casaroro Falls Side Trip

    We had one great Day 2. The club went through hard times when we had one seemingly endless descending trek and a rejuvenating swim at the Naglupad Twin Falls. Well, as I mentioned from my previous blogs, good times has its own ending and our major trek has its end nearing. Day 3 and we started our morning with an awesome smile and I went directly to the bush to my personal moments. It's pooping time! Haha!

    As usual, we prepared our breakfast and lunch and had our stomachs full enough to be prepared for another day of adventure. We were so happy that I don't want it to end. Char. I would've ...

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    After two days on Apo Island I was a little apprehensive about going back to the real world back on the mainland. Although there were plenty of things I missed on Apo ??" wi-fi, warm showers and the ability to turn a light on 24/7 ??" a small part of me felt like I could live a perfectly happy life playing with the sea turtles and walking up and down to the lighthouse before watching the sun set over the ocean.

    But return we must, and we were up just after dawn for breakfast and the 8.30am ferry back to Malapatay. Unfortunately the boat schedule was less of a schedule than a rough guide, an ...

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    The thought that I used to be a nerd guy that satisfies itself with facing his smartphone, laptop and staying around the four corners of his room is dreary. On this year, 2016, I was transformed into someone to the one. I became outdoorsy, longing for adventures, physically active and it was making me the happiest person in my existence. I also ventured out into a new field where I was luckily recognized that I never thought of. Seemed like life is full of surprises, isn't it?

    I've been to numerous destinations and most of them are documented in this blog, Four-eyed Laagan. All of them were ...

  • The Grandeur Of Casaroro Falls

    The Grandeur Of Casaroro Falls

    Each of us has their own way of happiness and being stunned by the glory of nature is one of the best ways to make me delighted. On the day of my 22nd anniversary of existence celebrated with awe and rush of adrenaline as I chose to set forth backpacking on a place I've never been.

    My pre-birthday jaunt was mystical and magical as I toured around Siquijor Island that has made the adventure-warrior inside me joyful.

    I sailed for another island that to me was unknown until I've discovered its beauty. Negros Oriental, located in the southeastern Negros Island Region consisting numerous envi ...

  • Casaroro Falls Of Valencia Negros Oriental Shes Magical

    Casaroro Falls Of Valencia Negros Oriental Shes Magical

    Two hours of wallowing in the quietude of Balinsasayao Twin Lakes jump-started the day of nature wandering. Visiting the next town's attractions follows and the habal-habal drivers who transported us to the lakes were aware of the itinerary from the onset. Bargaining came in when we're about to leave the park. Considering the time left, scant difference in commuting expenses, and comfort of taking us back right at the door steps of Grand Pensione Hotel in Dumaguete, those guys in motorbike turned into road trip companions.

    Despite the shift from fine to uncooperative weather, we hit the roa ...