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  • Rich Marine Life At Mantalip Reef

    One of the best dive/snorkel spot Negros has to offer. Located in Domolog, Bindoy Negros Oriental.

    How to get there (from Cebu City)
    - take a bus ride from South Bus Terminal going to Liloan, Santander (4 hours)
    - from Liloan port, take a boat ride to Sibulan, Dumaguete (30-45 mins)
    - take a bus from Sibulan to Domolog, Bindoy (1-2hrs)
    - a boat is waiting in Domolog that will take you to the reef (15-30mins)

  • The Way I Sea It Mantalip Reef In Bindoy Negros Oriental

    The way I sea it in Mantalip Reef located in the municipality of Bindoy, Negros Oriental.

    It is more fun in Negros Oriental!

  • Mantalif Coral Reef

    One of the beautiful tourist spot at bindoy, negros oriental enjoy watching :)

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  • Mantalip Reef-Bindoy Negros Oriental

    Mantalip Reef-Bindoy Negros Oriental

    This is a very late post of a weekend recreation en route to the town of Bindoy in Negros Oriental. My apologies for being so lazy that it took me a year before I share the details on this trip.

    My former colleagues invited me one weekend for a getaway north of Dumaguete. I didn't know where we are going, what sinks on my mind was somewhere on the beach as they informed me to bring plate,spoon and fork, glass, extra clothes and P 200.00. Without hesitation, I loaded all those stuff in my bag 6 hours before our meeting. Set my alarm clock, and woke up as early as 4:30 in the morning.

    We d ...

  • Libod Sayaw Festival A Feast Of A Towns Pride

    Libod Sayaw Festival A Feast Of A Towns Pride

    Yearly on the last weekend of April, the streets of Negros Oriental will roar with the abundance of life and entertainment as its locals and visitors dance together to the beat of thanksgiving. As a means to offer their gratitude for the blessings they have accumulated within the year, the locals make it to a point that their festival will definitely be remarkable!

    As what the tourists who had ventured in our country said, "The Philippines is a country of fiestas". Being a country filled mostly of Catholics, especially in Luzon and the Visayas, you will never leave a town without seeing a c ...

  • Tanon Strait Mantalip Reef From Starfishes To Starry Skies

    Tanon Strait Mantalip Reef From Starfishes To Starry Skies

    It was hard to get used to the comforts of Hale Manna and explore more the beauty of the underwater world of Moalboal as in day 5 of our Oceana Philippines Photo Safari, we were on the move again. Off the coast the large white liveaboard outrigger vessel from Harold's Dive Center in Dumaguete awaits to ferry us from Cebu, across Tañon Strait to Mantalip Reef in Bindoy, Negros Oriental. It was an impressive boat, spacious with lots of sitting and lounging areas, a well-kept mess area, restroom, and solar charging area. Ocean travel always had that soothing comfort, embraced by the breeze with ...