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  • Niludhan Falls Chasing Waterfalls In Negros Oriental 1

    Niludhan Falls Chasing Waterfalls In Negros Oriental 1

    When we first read about this waterfall from a travel blog a few years back we hardly entertained thoughts about visiting it. Not only was it located a considerable distance from Dumaguete City, the nearest city to the falls with an airport, the final leg of the trip was over some very rough roads. But just before another trip to Dumaguete last week we discovered that much of the road going to Niludhan Falls in Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, was recently concreted, making the waterfall much more accessible.

    Despite the better road conditions, the trip still took 3 hours ??" 2.5 hours by bus ...

  • Niludhan Falls

    Niludhan Falls

    Saturday is my day off and before planning my trip to Niludhan Falls, I read various blogs regarding Niludhan Falls and how to get there. Since I travel with motorbike, I ask Joy (my travel buddy, me and my friend call her Dora) to join with me. Being a nurse at the same time, you need to manage time and to anticipate the distance as well, we leave the city on friday around 1900 and stayed for a night in my hometown which is Santander. We pursue to travel that night for us to have some time to rest before heading to Negros.

    27 August 2016 (Saturday)- Started our trip from Liloan, Santander ...

  • Tawo Tawo Festival 2013 Bayawan City

    Mounted on a Roll Bar in a stick 12 feet vertically. Forgive me for shakiness of the video. This was my first try to record up 12 feet high vertically. I should have prepared more.

    Bayawan City, Negros Oriental celebrates Tawo Tawo Festival. This clip supposed to be 10 minutes longer with more participants on this video. Including the footage of Kapuso Stars Richard Guttierez, Katrina Halili and others.

  • Tawo Tawo Festival The Scarecrow Festival Of Bayawan City

    Bayawan City, known as the "Agricultural Capital of Negros Oriental," anticipates a better production yield of crops in its magnificent fields of rice.

    This is where the people look upon the Tawo-Tawo, the scarecrow that repels those pesky "Maya" birds that feed on the rice grains, ensuing a much bountiful yield.

    With such an effective way of protecting the crops, the people are overjoyed with the abundance of their produce, thus the Tawo-Tawo festival was born in celebration and remembrance of such bountiful harvests, portraying the two important elements of the fields: the scarecrow an ...