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  • St Augustine Of Hippo Church In Bacong Keeping The Pipe Organ From Zaragoza Spain

    St Augustine Of Hippo Church In Bacong Keeping The Pipe Organ From Zaragoza Spain

    I captured the last mist forming on the window glass of the car, slowly rolling down as the rain had just started being friendly while giving a special moment to the skies and the sun as his best friend, gathering their strength to give us a beautiful weather as we made our way to the Historic town of Bacong, Negros Oriental.

    What made us visiting this town is to see the Church of St. Augustine of Hippo Church and the pipe organ. Upon getting in, we were greeted by the well grown trees with their huge trunks while spreading their bough in a different direction as the leaf sways whenever the ...

  • Parish Church Of Saint Augustine Of Hippo

    Parish Church Of Saint Augustine Of Hippo

    One of the reasons church devotees and travelers visit Negros Oriental is that it is full of historical landmarks. One of these landmarks is an old church named after St. Augustine.

    The Parish of Saint Augustine of Hippo, situated in the town of Bacong in Negros Oriental, is a glimpse of how the Filipinos build a sturdy structure in the past.

    Situated at the side of Leon Kilat Park and the Municipal Hall of Bacong, the Parish Parish Church of Saint Augustine of Hippo is the only big church in town. Declared a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum by Republic Act 4846, as amen ...

  • Passion For Nature

    In the year 2011, Rene 'Tatay Eti' Vendiola was awarded the General Pantaleon Villegas Award as "Outstanding Baconganon" for environmental conservation. In 2012 'Tatay Eti' received the Ramon Aboitiz Foindation Inc. (RAFI) Triennial Award on Exemplary Individual for environment conservation.

    And last February 22, 2016, HABAGAT Ambassador Rene "Tatay Eti" Vendiola received the Environmental Protection Award from the Office of the Presidential Adviser for Environmental Protection. This award was presented to him by Sec. J. R. Nereus O. Acosta, Secretary/Presidential Adviser for Environmental ...

  • Green Convert Shuns Kainginero Past

    When Rene "Tatay Ite" Vendiola saw the photos of trees lost to illegal logging and "kaingin," he made a silent promise to create a mini-forest to give back what he took away when he was into slash-and-burn farming.

    He has kept his vow??"and more.

    Vendiola set up Liptong Woodland in Bacong town in Negros Oriental, which is home to native tree species and other local wildlife. He is also implementing a 100-hectare reforestation project with the municipality and has played a significant role in crafting a municipal ordinance that illegalizes the hunting of wildlife.

    For his contributions ...

  • Barracuda Gang Freediving And Underwater Filming

    Mainint and Masaplod, Negros Island, Dauin, 29.03.2013 GOPR0923.

    Tricolor e Budianus nas Cagarras durante o Mirantesco Spearfishing World Cup.

    Some days i find myself hunting with my camera and not my Gun :) Freediving and Underwater Filming.

    I took this video during my last visit to Thailand, I did few dives in Ko Phi Phi Island and Patong beach, but Ko Phi Phi was the best site dive ever. The wa...

    Michael Brooks shot sambo.

    Film and edition: Will Dyde Song: "Snowing" Music by: Peter Rudenko.

    Epinephelus malabaricus.

    This cave is full of minnows this time of year.

    "Ra ...

  • Hunting Flamboyant Cuttle Fish Dauin At Philippines

    This little 4cm cuttle fish, permanently changing color until it hits its target! A smaller fish...time to eat!