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  • Starting Them Young

    Starting Them Young

    In my younger days, children my age were not properly educated on the importance of having a marine sanctuary. In fact, I did not even know what the word MPA meant up until I joined this program. I have a very low self-esteem because I was not trained to speak in front of people. If change is what we desire in this project, the more people we could get to change, the better.

    I had been told that our Municipality is sending 28 scholars to school. What better way to teach them of the importance of the marine sanctuary and training them to be public speakers as well by having them as our spea ...

  • Iniban Marine Sanctuary Ayungon Negros Oriental Philippines

    Iniban Marine Sanctuary, Ayungon, Negros Oriental, Philippines.

  • Town Classifies Marine Protected Areas Enhancing Its Protection

    Town Classifies Marine Protected Areas Enhancing Its Protection

    Mayor Erwin Agustino here has embarked on further classifying marine protected areas as well as enhancing its protection for the benefit of the local fisherfolks.

    The move also was collaborated by the town's local legislature headed by Vice Mayor Edsel Enardecido who himself was the town's immediate mayor by coming up with an ordinance, he being the presiding officer.

    Mayor Agustino said that in their town, protected marine areas here includes mangrove reserves, coral reef areas and sea grass sanctuaries.

    Among the identified areas are the mangrove reserves in barangays Anibong, Calag ...