Apo Island Sanctuary

Dauin, Negros Oriental

Apo Island is one of the world's best known community-organized marine sanctuaries, and as such it has been well documented by the global science community. The project was started when Dr. Angel Alcala, a marine scientist from the Silliman University Marine Laboratory introduced to the local fisher-folk the importance of creating a marine sanctuary in the area. Initially, there was hesitation on ...

the part of the locals; but after a three-year dialogue, Dr. Alcala was able to convince the island community to establish the sanctuary.

Assisted by the staff of the SU Marine Laboratory in 1982, the local fishermen selected an area along 450 meters of shoreline and extending 500 meters from shore as the sanctuary site. Since then, the project initiated on the island led to the creation of hundreds of other marine sanctuaries in the Philippines.

At present, the island is home to over 650 documented species of fish and estimated to have over 400 species of corals. Most of the Philippines' 450 species of coral can be found here, from tiny bubble corals to huge gorgonian sea fans and brain corals. Visitors and tourists pay a fee to enter Apo Island and to snorkel or dive in the marine sanctuary there, these fees are used to keep the sanctuary clean and in good condition.  Wiki

Apo Island Protected Landscape and Seascape Marine Sanctuary News

  • DOT To Train Snorkeling Guides In Apo Island To Boost Tourism

    DOT To Train Snorkeling Guides In Apo Island To Boost Tourism

    The Department of Tourism in Region 7 (DOT-7) will conduct a week-long training this month for snorkeling guides in the world-renowned dive destination Apo Island in Dauin, Negros Oriental to boost its tourism industry.

    Provincial Tourism Officer Myla Mae Abellana disclosed Friday that the first batch of 30 trainees are among the 140 snorkeling guides who are all residents of Apo Island.

    This is a pilot training, which the DOT-7 will conduct from Aug. 22 to Aug. 28, Abellana said.

    Supporting the training are the provincial government of Negros Oriental, the Department of Environment a ...

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    Adventure-Filled And Romantic Destinations For Your Next Diving Getaway

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  • Mayor Assures PAMB Office To Address Carrying Capacity Of Apo Island

    Mayor Glenson Alanano of Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental said establishing an office for the Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) would help determine the carrying capacity of the world-famous dive destination Apo Island.

    The proposed PAMB Office will be at Malatapay in Barangay Maluay, Zamboanguita, which the mayor described as the ?gateway to Apo Island? considering its proximity.

    Alanano told reporters over the weekend that right now, there are plans for a public-private partnership (PPP) to construct a terminal in Malatapay.

    However, due to tedious paperwork and other requirements ...

  • Apo Island Travel Guide, Tips, Rates And Accommodation

    Apo Island Travel Guide, Tips, Rates And Accommodation

    First of all, this is somewhat a lengthy blog so that people who are not used to roadtrips can really get important details, but if you feel like you're an expert, just skim through the article. For those commuting, just skip to the "Commute Section" of the blog. The rates at Apo Island are also found at the end of the article.

  • Exploring The Underwater World Of Critters

    Exploring The Underwater World Of Critters

    The creature blended in with the corals almost invisible at about 2 inches. Adorned with spikes from head to tail, it waltzed along with the waves of the soft corals, which it calls home.

    Found along the coast of Dauin was the first ghost ornate pipefish I have ever seen in my entire two years of scuba diving. I almost missed it, if not for my dive guide from Coral Dive and Adventure Zamboanguita named Koykoy, who spotted the pipefish on a small family of delicate whip corals at a dive site called Cars in Dauin, a few kilometers away from the city of Dumaguete.

    My heart started to thump ...

  • Swimming With The Sea Turtles In Apo Island Negros Oriental

    Swimming with The Sea Turtles in Apo Island, went on a trip to Apo Island and stayed a few days across the island. Stayed at the Kavs Resort by Dauin Negros Oriental. We rented a whole boat for a whole day of free diving and snorkeling in Apo Island.