The Ruins

Talisay City, Negros Occidental

The Ruins in Talisay City, Negros Occidental is what remained of the grand mansion that Don Mariano Lacson built, following the death of his first wife, Maria Braga. Built in memory of Maria Braga, the mansion became the residence of Don Mariano and his unmarried children.

Today, it is a tourist attraction for its romantic, yet strong structures. Many interesting tales and facts lie ...

within the walls and posts that remained of the Ruins. The Ruins is of Italianate architecture with neo-Romanesque twin columns. The couple's initials M and M are molded onto the mansion's posts.

The top edges of the mansion also feature a shell-inspired decor, which in New England indicates that the home is owned by a ship captain. This particular design is in honor of Maria Braga's father, who was ship captain.

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  • The Ruins Taj Mahal Of Negros Occidental

    Going there, we rented a tricycle for Php500 from Campuestohan Highland Resort. The Ruins is more or less 30 minutes away from the highland resort.

    Visiting the Ruins added flavor to our Negros Occidental trip. Personally, I was amazed on how the mansion survived the challenge of time.A century had passed but the mansion's foundation is still intact. This is a good reflection when it comes to life. That no matter how many times we fall because of our trials, we remain standing as we battle these challenges.

    Never leave Negros Occidental without visiting The Ruins.

    Opening Hours: Mond ...