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  • Paradise In My Eyes

    Paradise In My Eyes

    November 2 ??" 4, 2016

    Sipalay and Kabankalan, Negros Occidental, the Philippines

    We started on the wrong foot. We were just a party of three, but one woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Actually, he did not even sleep a wink. At our 7AM call time, he was just about ready to turn in. Never mind that we had a bus to catch for a 6-hour ride to a remote beach, and that we could miss the last boat ride to our resort. Alas, the majority had to acquiesce to the lone game-changer.

    It was past noon when we boarded a Ceres Liner in Bacolod. All direct trips to Sipalay had already left. No ch ...

  • Sipalay City A Place That Will Complete Your Summer Getaway

    Sipalay City A Place That Will Complete Your Summer Getaway

    I am from Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental and I saw a lot of posts and wonderful pictures about Sipalay City with this breathtaking view of small islands like you are in El Nido, Palawan. Until such time with no proper planning, I decided to travel one weekend on this paradise.



    • Distance from Bacolod: 178.4 kilometere
    • Land Area: 42,770 hectares
    • Classification: 3rd Class
    • No. of Barangays: 17 Barangays
    • Population: 62,063 (May 1, 2000) ??" 65,650 (2006 Projection)
    • Language: Hiligaynon/Ilonggo/Cebuano/English is spoken and underst ...

  • Punta Ballo Beach In Sipalay City

    Punta Ballo Beach In Sipalay City

    Sipalay City in Southern Negros Occidental is a top tourist destination because of its pristine natural beauty. The Jewel of the Sugar Island, as Sipalay is known, has long stretches of white sand beaches which are not as crowded as other Philippine beaches. The privacy that Sipalay beach resorts offer to tourists make it a perfect getaway.

    One of the most frequented by tourists is the Punta Ballo beach area located at Barangay 4 where its white sand beach stretched to almost a kilometer. Punta Ballo is around 30 minutes from Sipalay city proper and can be accessed through a concrete road. ...

  • Pulo Cave A Cunning Little Cave Within An Island

    Pulo Cave A Cunning Little Cave Within An Island

    Spelunking has been one of the interesting things that everyone must try, I've seen and have known a bunch of travelers who never get tired of exploring the inner paradise of the caves. Only just recently, when I visited the town of Sipalay, Negros Occidental during our Island hopping, our boatman introduced us to the captivating and cute cave that exists within an island.

    Upon making our way to the Pulo Cave, I already noticed the small hole from afar that seems like calling me to come closer and get inside of the cave. The boat had finally docked off on the rocky shore of the cave, we imm ...

  • The Sugar Beach Of Sipalay City Negros Occidental

    Chocolate Hills plus White Sand Beach? Hitting two great destination in one blow! What more can you ask for? haha But wait! Its not Bohol nor Boracay, Its Sipalay!!

  • Could This Be The Sweetest Spot In All Negros

    Could This Be The Sweetest Spot In All Negros

    Truly an unspoiled charm!

    Sugar Beach Sipalay is a charming destination where one may find it more tranquil and relaxing than other mainstream beaches in the Philippines. The beach is not congested with tourist and you'll find very few during the weekdays which adds up to its "unspoiled" charm.

    It is a tropical paradise with a Chocolate-hills-like scenery and calm white sand beach as if you were hitting two great destinations in one get-away! It is a perfect place for budget travelers and those who likes visiting off the beaten tracks.

    And most of all, a beach will never be complete w ...