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  • Patag Today

    Patag Today

    It was an impromptu invitation. Let?s go to Patag on Tuesday or Wednesday. Long range planning is usually aborted so let?s do it! Rose Lacson made sure all arrangements were in place ? from the food to who will transport Fr. Bernard, OCD, our only religious priest uncle.

    Patag is very much associated with the City of Silay, however, territorially it belongs to the City of Talisay. Patag was the last stronghold of the Japanese Imperial Forces during World War II. Remnants of the war are believed to have been unearthed in Patag such as bombs, ammunition, weapons, and some remains of the soldi ...

  • Jalandoni Ancestral House

    Jalandoni Ancestral House

    I have been mulling over these photos for months now. I would like to tell you that this is just another ancestral house I visited in Silay City during my vacation in May. But fact is, I purposely went to Silay to see this house. The Jalandoni ancestral house in Silay City was built by my maternal great-grandfather, Bernardino Jalandoni, in 1908. Although we don't have a relationship with this side of my mother's family, I was naturally curious. Bernardino, according to my mother, used to visit them at my grandmother's house in Valladolid in the late 1940's up to the early 50's. He would ...

  • Bernardino Ysabel Jalandoni Museum Silay City Negros Occidental

    Bernardino Ysabel Jalandoni Museum Silay City Negros Occidental

    From Balay Negrense, Solo next brought us to the nearby 2-storey Bernardino-Ysabel Jalandoni Museum, beside the City Public Market and near the San Diego Pro-Cathedral. Also called the Pink Museum, the house was first owned by Don Bernardino Jalandoni and his wife Dona Ysabel Ledesma-Jalandoni.

    Their grandson, Luis Jalandoni, was a former priest who became one of the top leaders of Communist Party of the Philippines. Since the 1970s, he has been living in exile in the Netherlands. Luis spent the first 12 years of his life in this house. The current heirs, Mr. and Mrs. Antonio J. Montin ...

  • Living Ala Sugar Baron At Silays Jalandoni Mansion Part III

    Living Ala Sugar Baron At Silays Jalandoni Mansion Part III

    Iloilo I LOVE! visits Bernardino Jalandoni Museum at historic Silay City. A perfectly preserved time capsule, the museum offers a real glimpse of the luxurious and glamorous life of sugar barons and Silay's elite.

    For those who regularly visit my site, this is already my third installment on my Silay City chronicles. Exploration of the city would never be complete without visiting the Bernardino Jalandoni Museum at Rizal Street. I was hesitant to enter the mansion because I always think that museums prohibit picture taking, but to my surprise I was even encouraged by the staff to do so. Dre ...

  • Bernardino Ysabel Jalandoni Ancestral House The Pink Museum In Silay

    Bernardino Ysabel Jalandoni Ancestral House The Pink Museum In Silay

    Bernardino-Ysabel Jalandoni Ancestral House is a two-storey heritage house turned into a museum owned by the family of Bernardino and Ysabel Jalandoni in Silay City in the province of Negros Occidental, the Philippines. Because of its cultural, architectural, and/or historical significance, it is one of the recognized and declared heritage houses of the Philippines by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP).

    I went here at 3:52 p.m. on August 29, 2013 with my old office mates, Chenie and Lindsay. This was during our Silay Heritage Walk in Negros Occidental, the 24th pro ...

  • All In A Day

    All In A Day

    This summer the weather may have been an ever-changing and unpredictable event but then again with all our guts we went out of town. We simply do not know when it's going to rain or when it's going to be a scorching heat sunny day. No preparation or whatsoever we tried a reservation to ourselves without question or pause (singing, hehehe) last weekend to go trekking in the mountainous area of Negros Occidental.

    Negros Occidental has been blessed with vast numbers of natural spots. Nature-tripping is always been a getaway for many Negrosanons to escape the noisy, polluted and populated citie ...