Sagay Marine Reserve

Sagay City, Negros Occidental

Sagay Marine Reserve is a protected area in the Philippines located in Sagay, Negros Occidental. It is established in 1999 to protect marine life in Carbin and Maca reefs. Sagay is the largest marine reserve in the Philippines, covering an area of 32,000 hectares.  Wiki

Sagay Marine Reserve Sanctuary News

  • Sagay Gets Patrol Boat To Protect Marine Life

    Sagay Gets Patrol Boat To Protect Marine Life

    The Sagay City Government recently received a patrol boat from Angkla Party-List, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and Evercat Asia, Inc. for the monitoring and surveillance activities of the Sagay Marine Reserve.

    Sagay City Mayor Alfredo Marañon III, Angkla Party-List Rep. Jesulito Manalo, SONAME Chairman Sammuel Lim, president Rolly Abella and Evercat President Dominique Vaireaux-Bombezy signed the Contract of Usufruct during the turnover and ship launching last April 22.

    "Sagay City is receiving a real gift that will safeguard its diverse marine resources from illegal ...

  • Why Are Shells Very Essential In Sagay City

    Why Are Shells Very Essential In Sagay City

    A celebration of the town's abundant marine resources.

    Sagay City is located at the northernmost tip of Negros Island. The name "sagay" was derived from a bright, univalve-shelled mollusk that was once plentiful on the city's sandy shores called by locals as "sigay."

    The people from Sagay serves as the watchers of the 32,000-hectare marine reserve that is abundant with aquatic resources. Some of the city's top tourist spots are:
    • Carbin Reef ??" a huge, tongue-shaped, white sandbar and the center of the 32,000-hectare Sagay Marine Reserve
    • Suyac Island ??" the newest island attra ...

  • Ecotourism Site Spotlight Sagay Negros Occidental

    Ecotourism Site Spotlight Sagay Negros Occidental

    Sagay City, located in Negros Occidental, is blessed with one of the largest marine protected areas in the country - 32-000 hectares in total. The Sagay Marine Reserve or SMR was initiated by then Mayor Alfredo Maranon in the 1970s and has become a perfect example of marine diversity. It was opened to the public only in 2009 and has already attracted a significant number of tourists. This marine reserve is composed of small islands, sand bars and shallow coral reefs.

    One of the most popular sites in SMR is Carbin Reef where you can snorkel to see a variety of corals, schools of fishes, hund ...

  • Sagay And Pulupandan Nature Tourism Awardees

    Sagay And Pulupandan Nature Tourism Awardees

    In spite of the severe environmental degradation in Negros Occidental, it has still a few remaining areas, which can be tapped for nature-based tourism.

    In fact, the recent 12 awards received by the province during the 16 th Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines??"Department of Tourism Pearl Awards, held in Davao City, included community-based nature tourism categories. It is, therefore, very necessary that the province, including its comprising cities and municipalities, shall secure the remaining natural sites in Negros Occidental from further degradation, otherwise, it would ...

  • Sagay Marine Reserve in Negros Occidental

    It is considered as one of the prime eco-tourism destinations in the country where tourists can enjoy seeing the unexploited marine resources of the area.

  • Sagay Marine Reserve

    Sagay Marine Reserve

    Independence Day until June 14. And during my stay I learned so much about the great importance of Marine life conservation.

    Welcome to the most abundant marine reserve in Philippine Islands ??" Sagay.

    Sagay City is 84 kilometers away from Bacolod. Ride for more than an hour from Bacolod and you can reach Sagay.

    Sagay Marine Reserve is a 33 hectares wide covering those islands of Negros Occidental and has the following areas of interests:

    Carbin Reef, Panal Reef, Macahulom Reef, Suyac Island and Molocaboc Island.

    We went to these amazing islands and saw the beauty within.

    Fa ...