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  • Carbin Reef Sagay City

    Exploring the beauty of Carbin Reef (Sagay Marine Reserve) in Sagay City, Negros Occidental.

    18 February 2017.

  • Marang Is The Sweetest Fruit Found In Sagay City

    Marang Is The Sweetest Fruit Found In Sagay City

    It's marang galore in Negros Occidental!

    Are you familiar with the Philippine fruit tree called "marang?"

    The tree is native to Borneo and the Philippines. It is also cultivated in other Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Thailand for its fruit. Scientific name Artocarpus odoratissimus, "marang" is very much related to breadfruit and jackfruit trees.

    The fruit has a strong sweet scent. You'll find bunch of small seeds covered in white pulp when you open the fruit. The pulp is edible with a succulent creamy texture and tastes fairly sweet. It is rich in vitamins and m ...

  • Sagays Marang Capital Emerges

    Sagays Marang Capital Emerges

    About 23 kilometers from Sagay City proper, passing through a rugged terrain, a sweet-smelling community looms. Colonia Divina, which means divine colony, is an upland village blessed with abundant marang trees.

    Colonia Divina first earned popularity in the 1990's when one of its residents, then 10-year-old Rhona Mahilum, was awarded the presidential citation for her acts of heroism. She saved her five siblings from the fire that gutted down their house made from indigenous materials.

    With the hope to make Colonia Divina popular again, this time, by promoting its agritourism potentials, ...

  • A Visit To Molocaboc Island In Sagay City Negros Occidental

    A Visit To Molocaboc Island In Sagay City Negros Occidental

    Molocaboc Island is a barangay under the City of Sagay, Negros Occidental. Living in the islands with limited resources like drinking water, electricity is quite a challenge for every people, but i admire them how they live happily in a very big islands, it is approximately measured about 420 Hectares.

    I got a chance to visit the island because of a friend living in Sagay City invited me to explore it. I was in Sagay a day before our planning trip because I don't have any contact if I do it alone. There is no passenger boat crossing the islands unless you have a friend living there and can ...

  • Negros Occidentals Sweeter Surprises

    Negros Occidentals Sweeter Surprises

    Sweets and smiles.

    For decades past, the mere mention of the Visayan region's sleeping giant instantaneously conjures two titles: first??"for sweetening the Philippines and parts of the world with its vast sugar lands??"as the "Sugarbowl of the Philippines;" and second??"for its people's friendly demeanor??"as the "City of Smiles."

    But with 13 cities, 19 municipalities, and 661 barangays spread across 7,926.07 square kilometers of land, Negros Occidental unsurprisingly elicits more words of praise from its visitors.

    It is "breathtaking" for mountaineers who have trekked and reached Mo ...

  • Sagay Marine Reserve in Negros Occidental

    It is considered as one of the prime eco-tourism destinations in the country where tourists can enjoy seeing the unexploited marine resources of the area.