Punta Ballo Beach

Sipalay City, Negros Occidental

Punta Ballo Beach is one of the most amazing place to grace the sunset located in Barangay 4, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental. The sand is ivory on a gloomy day but is white under a bright sunlight.

Punta Ballo Beach News

  • Sipalay On A Budget, Travel Guide, Itinerary 2017

    Sipalay On A Budget, Travel Guide, Itinerary 2017

    I shouldve listened when they said, "Go the extra mile."

    The last time I was in Negros Occidental, I burned most of my time in Bacolod and went as far south as the municipality of Cauayan. I was a travel newbie then and was only interested in the obvious and popular. At the time, I had heard of Sipalay City. Locals kept mentioning it, urging us to make time for it. "Youre already in Cauayan, you might as well visit Sipalay." But because it didnt ring any proverbial bell, I swept it under the rug, where I keep anything I find outside of my comfort zone.

  • Sipalay And Cauayan Negros Occidentals Jewels On The Coast

    Sipalay And Cauayan Negros Occidentals Jewels On The Coast

    The coastal city of Sipalay is one of the best-kept secrets of Negros Occidental.

    It is also known as the Jewel of Sugar Island, a name given to it by Chinese traders because rice grows abundantly there. The coastline facing Sulu Sea, however, is its real gem.

    The five-hour overland journey from Bacolod City to Sipalay 175 kilometers away is an adventure worth a thousand stories??"and then when you get there you are greeted with mountains and tranquil white sand beaches with crystal-clear waters and a perfect view of the sunset.

    The Negros Occidental Tourism office is promoting Sipal ...

  • Sipalay Travel Guide Exploring The Jewels Of Negros

    Sipalay Travel Guide Exploring The Jewels Of Negros

    Sipalay was a long ride from Cebu City. I had to wake up around one at dawn to hop on the 2AM bus to the southern tip of Cebu Island and catch the earliest ferry ride to Dumaguete. Despite leaving early, it was already 5PM when I reached Sipalay City proper. That included my 2-hour stopover at our humble abode in Siaton.

    I actually celebrated my birthday on the road. Solitary and hungry. Because of the long trip, busy holiday traffic, and jam-packed terminals, I skipped some meals just to keep my travel arrangements and schedule.

    Sipalay, in spite of being a city, emanates a rustic feel. ...

  • Punta Ballo Beach In Sipalay City

    Punta Ballo Beach In Sipalay City

    Sipalay City in Southern Negros Occidental is a top tourist destination because of its pristine natural beauty. The Jewel of the Sugar Island, as Sipalay is known, has long stretches of white sand beaches which are not as crowded as other Philippine beaches. The privacy that Sipalay beach resorts offer to tourists make it a perfect getaway.

    One of the most frequented by tourists is the Punta Ballo beach area located at Barangay 4 where its white sand beach stretched to almost a kilometer. Punta Ballo is around 30 minutes from Sipalay city proper and can be accessed through a concrete road. ...