Mount Patag

Silay City, Negros Occidental

Mount Patag is located in Bgry. Patag, Silay City, Negros Occidental. It is part of the few remaining forest stands in Negros Island. According to the Silay City Tourism Office, 1,338 hectares of lush forest lands comprise the North Negros Forest Reserve, which makes up the 4.77 percent remaining forest cover.

Mount Patag News

  • Patag Today

    Patag Today

    It was an impromptu invitation. Let?s go to Patag on Tuesday or Wednesday. Long range planning is usually aborted so let?s do it! Rose Lacson made sure all arrangements were in place ? from the food to who will transport Fr. Bernard, OCD, our only religious priest uncle.

    Patag is very much associated with the City of Silay, however, territorially it belongs to the City of Talisay. Patag was the last stronghold of the Japanese Imperial Forces during World War II. Remnants of the war are believed to have been unearthed in Patag such as bombs, ammunition, weapons, and some remains of the soldi ...

  • This Summer Climb Any Mountain

    This Summer Climb Any Mountain

    Let's take advantage of the dry season. This is the best time to consider exploring the mountain range of Negros. When the rainy days come, it would be difficult or impossible to climb our mountains when slopes are slippery and traction is unstable.

    For an easy climb, may I suggest a day's trek to Mt. Patag's Pulang Tubig. And I suggest, always get a mountain guide to take you there. In my case, Ramke with his cool dreadlocks offered to accompany my group into the hinterlands of Barangay Patag.

    Patag in Silay City is part of the few remaining forest stands in Negros Island. According to ...

  • Mt Patag Negros Occidental

    Mt. Patag and Pulang tubig Waterfalls in Negros Occidental.

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  • Mount Patag Revisited

    Mount Patag Revisited

    MAC Team's first attempt last January 2009 to climb Mt.Patag was not an easy one but certainly the most memorable one in terms of experience and lessons learned.With all worst weather you can imagine during the ascent for a first-timer,the team was able to reach the camp site,then flooded, and we, exhausted, cold, disappointed with the outcome, the team vowed to go back and re -climb it again.

    The date: May 24-25, 2009, with weather forecast of rainy days for the entire week and mist on a Sunday, the team thought, we will have another dejavu but to our surprise, nature provided us with the ...