Mt Kanlaon Natural Park

Canlaon City, Negros Occidental

Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park is a national park originally established on August 8, 1934. The centerpiece of the park is Kanlaon Volcano, a favorite spot for mountain climbers. It is one of the active volcanoes in the Philippines and part of the Pacific ring of fire.

Kanlaon Volcano, also spelled as Kanla-on or Canlaon, is an active volcano on Negros island in central Philippines. The s ...

tratovolcano straddles the provinces of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental, approximately 30 km southeast of Bacolod City, the capital and most populous city of Negros Occidental.

The volcano has three hot springs on its slopes: Mambucal Hot Springs on the northwest, Bucalan Hot Spring, Bungol Hot Spring. Its adjacent volcanic edifices are Mt. Silay and Mt. Mandalagan, north of Kanlaon.  Wiki

Mount Kanlaon Natural Park News

  • Negros Budget Travel Guide (With Itinerary Expenses And Top Attractions)

    Negros Budget Travel Guide (With Itinerary Expenses And Top Attractions)

    Grab a Philippine map and look for that boot-like shape island, that definitely is NEGROS, which is situated between the islands of Panay (to its left, where Boracay is) and Cebu (to its right). Its location tells you that as far as tourism goes, Negros has quite a competition so it is often left out by travelers. However, like its neighboring islands in the Visayas, Negros is a hundred-attraction offering that caters to different points of interest - from beaches, historic sites, nature areas, and architectural buildings. Some of it are still underdeveloped and remain off the beaten trail, an ...

  • New Law To Protect 97 PH Critical Areas

    New Law To Protect 97 PH Critical Areas

    A new law will strengthen the conservation of 97 ecologically "critical areas" in the country.

    Republic Act 11038, or the Expanded National Integrated Protected Areas System Act of 2018, was approved on June 22.

    Sen. Loren Legarda, principal author of the law, said it will enhance climate adaptation mechanisms and the conservation of the Philippine biodiversity.

    Legarda said she actively pushed for the passage of the Act since 2013 to conserve under-protected ecological areas in the country.

    "Although we already have the NIPAS Act of 1992, many important ecosystems remained under-p ...

  • Mainstreaming Biodiversity

    I attended the USAID Philippine-American Fund Grantee Summit last Thursday and Friday in Manila, and I was quite impressed by the initiatives of civil society groups across the country in making a difference, not only to lives of its intended beneficiaries, but including our environment as well.

    Administered by the Gerry Roxas Foundation, the PhilAm Fund has provided funding support to 37 nongovernment organizations in implementing projects related to anti-trafficking in persons, economic growth, education, governance, and biodiversity conservation.

    The Bacolod-based Philippines Biodiver ...

  • Born To Be Wild: Can Doc Nielsen Find The Elusive Negros Forest Dragon

    Doc Nielsen went to Negros Occidental to find the elusive Negros forest dragon. Will he succeed in documenting this endemic species?

    Watch "Born to be Wild" every Sunday, hosted by Doctor Nielsen Donato and Doctor Ferds Recio.

  • Negros Biodiversity Confab Set

    More than 200 delegates from government and nongovernment organizations and individuals are expected to attend the 1 st Negros Island Biodiversity Strategy and Action Planning Workshop, which shall be held at L'Fisher Hotel in Bacolod City on April 4-5.

    Organized by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc., and provincial governments of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental, the confab aims to develop common strategies and action plan for the conservation and protection of the islands biodiversity.

    The USAID and the DENRs ...

  • Critically Endangered Hornbills

    The global significance of the Philippines in terms of biodiversity could not really be understated. The variety of ecosystems, habitats, and species in the county is amazing, such that we are known as one of the mega diverse nations of the world.

    One concrete example is the number of endemic species that are scattered throughout the different islands of the Philippines, one of which is the hornbill. Some of these species are considered as single island endemic species, meaning they are only limited in one island and could not be found elsewhere.

    Roughly, there are 57 hornbill species in ...