Molocaboc Island

Sagay City, Negros Occidental

Molocaboc Island is a beauty of nature rich in marine resources located offshore from Sagay City, Negros Occidental.

Molocaboc Island News

  • A Day Of Adventure

    A Day Of Adventure

    Molocaboc Island is a small barangay under the city of Sagay, Negros Occidental (Philippines). It was a 2 hour ride from Bacolod to Sagay City and you could either get there via private vehicle or you could ride a bus going to Sagay at the North Bus Terminal in Bacolod City.

    When we arrived at the port, there were a lot of passenger boats used by the residents in order to get to the island but you cannot just ride one unless you know someone from the island who could provide you with a passenger boat (*the boat could accommodate at least 20 persons) since the boats are only used by the pe ...

  • A Visit To Molocaboc Island In Sagay City Negros Occidental

    A Visit To Molocaboc Island In Sagay City Negros Occidental

    Molocaboc Island is a barangay under the City of Sagay, Negros Occidental. Living in the islands with limited resources like drinking water, electricity is quite a challenge for every people, but i admire them how they live happily in a very big islands, it is approximately measured about 420 Hectares.

    I got a chance to visit the island because of a friend living in Sagay City invited me to explore it. I was in Sagay a day before our planning trip because I don't have any contact if I do it alone. There is no passenger boat crossing the islands unless you have a friend living there and can ...

  • Choosy Ka Ba 5 Reasons To Choose Sagay City Tongue-Shaped Sandbar Marine Sanctuaries And More

    Choosy Ka Ba 5 Reasons To Choose Sagay City Tongue-Shaped Sandbar Marine Sanctuaries And More

    Explore the beautiful marine reserve and tourist destinations in the northern part of Negros Occidental.

    1. Islets
    Molocaboc Island is home to Sagay's fisher folks. If you're planning to do a mangrove planting activity, this is one of the best sites and to help the community maintain its mangrove reforestation. This is where you'll also find the miracle hole "amatong" fishing.

    Suyac Island is the newest island attraction of Sagay City. It's a mangrove eco-park located near Carbin Reef.

    2. Reefs
    Carbin Reef is part of city's 4000-hectare marine sanctuary. This tongue-shaped white san ...

  • Sagay Marine Reserve

    Sagay Marine Reserve

    Independence Day until June 14. And during my stay I learned so much about the great importance of Marine life conservation.

    Welcome to the most abundant marine reserve in Philippine Islands ??" Sagay.

    Sagay City is 84 kilometers away from Bacolod. Ride for more than an hour from Bacolod and you can reach Sagay.

    Sagay Marine Reserve is a 33 hectares wide covering those islands of Negros Occidental and has the following areas of interests:

    Carbin Reef, Panal Reef, Macahulom Reef, Suyac Island and Molocaboc Island.

    We went to these amazing islands and saw the beauty within.

    Fa ...

  • Nature Adventure and Eco Tourism

    Nature Adventure and Eco Tourism

    Alinsayawan Falls (San Carlos City) is approximately 45 minutes away from the city proper, ideal for nature lovers and local tourists.

    Bagacay Falls and Asaw Asaw Falls (Brgy. Mailum, Bago City) are located at a place accessible only by foot; it is an ideal retreat for nature lovers.

    Bagacay Cave (Calatrava) is about 8 kilometers from the town proper. Mat weaving inside this cave has been a source of living of the residents.

    Busac-busac Spring (Brgy. Tinampa-an, Cadiz City) is the main source of potable water in the city. Spouting out of the toe of the hill and adorned by surrounding ...

  • Sagay City Negros Occidental 2014 Carbin Reef

    Sagay City Negros Occidental 2014 Carbin Reef

    The last time I've been in La Carlota Negros Occidental, my mother's home town and I grew up for almost 6 years (from 1990-1996) was on 2006. For almost 8 years, finally! I'm back!

    I have a lot of childhood memories in that place. I bonded with my Lola (which I am certified Lola's girl), Last holy week of 2014, we decided to visit my Lola, she's already 84 years old and very very strong, We arrived last Maundy Thursday, rest until Good Friday to observed the essence of Holy week, We decided to go to Sagay City, particularly in Carbin Reef. I do the research beforehand and booked our tour t ...