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  • Mag-Aso Falls Drone Footage Kabankalan City Negros Occidental

    Mag Aso Falls is located in Barangay Oringao,Kabankalan City Negros Occidental.

    Drone pilot: John ReyMusic: Lean On (Feat. Dj Snake & Mø) Major Lazer REMIX

  • 2 Must-See Attractions In Kabankalan To Visit This Sinulog

    2 Must-See Attractions In Kabankalan To Visit This Sinulog

    There's more to Kabankalan City than Sinulog Festival. We know you are excited for this year's Sinulog sa Kabankalan, but the thought that Kabankalan has many beautiful sights will excite you more.

    Kabankalan City is a first class city in the province of Negros Occidental. It's the second most populous city and second wealthiest city in the Negros Island Region next to Bacolod City. Dubbed as the "Rising City of the South," Kabankalan offers great sights for the tourists to discover.

    So if you are going to Sinulog this year, don't miss Kabankalan's most stunning destinations.

    1, Mag-a ...

  • Conquering Kabankalan Citys Mag-Aso Falls

    Conquering Kabankalan Citys Mag-Aso Falls

    I still have not gotten over how beautiful Sipalay is, (I am not sure I ever will) and here I am, taking the 8 pm trip back to Bacolod City, just to get more clothes, for another adventurous trip with some of the most adventurous people I know.

    People in the south are just surprisingly generous, the culture is light, easy and simple. People in Sipalay are friendly and accommodating, never intimidated by my city girl look. (kidding!) But, of course, what captured my heart is the beautiful sunset. It is beautiful.

    I will say it again, beautiful.

    I will be back for your sunset, Sipalay.

  • Mag-aso Water Falls Kabankalan Negros Occidental Philippines

    Mag-aso falls and leisure park is located about 8 Kilometers outside of Kabankalan in Negros Occidental, Philippines. Besides the falls themselves there is also a leisure park with a pool area as well as BBQ area and cabins for rent available. This is some footage I shot after taking a dip in the pool recovering from the mild heatstroke I got from making my way up there.

  • Spontaneous Weekender In Mag-Aso Falls

    Spontaneous Weekender In Mag-Aso Falls

    The highlight of our trip was probably visiting a hidden natural treasure in Negros: the Mag-Aso Falls.

    In my previous post, we visited Negros to unwind. Since we're here, my aunt suggested we go and visit the falls.

    Mag-Aso Falls is situated at Barangay Oringao, Kabankalan of Negros Occidental. The place was roughly about 30-45 minute drive from my aunt's place in Himamaylan. If you come from Bacolod City, my nearest guesstimate would be 2 hours and 35 minutes.

    Once you reached the place, you'll be asked to pay an environmental fee (Php 50 per person). This was a quick visit but they ...

  • Visiting Mag-Aso Falls In Kabankalan City

    Visiting Mag-Aso Falls In Kabankalan City

    One Cloudless Saturday,me and my wife Claire decided to have a quick visit of the magnificent Mag-Aso Falls in our neighboring city. It's located in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental to be specific its located at Sitio Dug-anon, Barangay Oringao, The Mag-Aso Leisure Camp. One of the many mountain resorts in the Negros Island.

    Going here you need to ride if your starting point is Mabinay its about 30km away. From Crossing Oringao you have to accent to the mountain part of the area, the route will be more adventure. You will see the white cliff ahead, cross some rivers and eventually after ...