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  • Kisi Kisi Festival March 2010

    The Amazing Kisi Kisi Festival for the year 2010, performed by barangay Manalad in Negros Occidental.

  • Kisi Kisi Festival Panaad Sa Negros 2015

    Festival dance competition for the year 2015 in Kisi kisi festival.

  • Kisi Kisi Festival In Negros Occidental Is An Imitation Of Fish Movements

    Kisi Kisi Festival In Negros Occidental Is An Imitation Of Fish Movements

    Kisi-Kisi Festival in Philippines is a dance parade held every March 25th in the town of Ilog, in Negros, Occidental. The festival participants imitate the way fishes flip-flop and twitch as they are hauled during the harvest.

    The participating groups wear costumes and headdresses adorned with multi-colored shells & fishnets while utilizing materials like bamboo poles, baskets and nets which are used for fishing.

  • Municipality Of Ilog Known For Its Kisi Kisi Festival

    Famous for its seafood especially mudcrab and oyster. Ilog was considered as the first capital of Negros Occidental. Approximately 104 kilometers from Bacolod City. Composes of 15 Barangays, Ilog has been an important place during the Spanish conquest because it was the biggest settlement and also the island's commercial and political center.

    Agustinian Fathers Geronimo Marin and Francisco Bustos founded Ilog on May 16, 1584. Ilog which mean "river" as it was located nearer to the mouth of the longest river in the Province, Hilabangan River.

    Not only on commercial tradings Ilog was famou ...

  • Negros Occ Wetlands Host To Thousands Of Migratory Birds

    Thousands of migratory birds from Siberia, China and Australia pass by, feed and even breed in the wetlands of the province particularly the Bago up to Ilog area.

    Director for Field Operations of the Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Incorporated Lisa J. Paguntalan approximates there are about 109,000 migratory shorebirds in the area for the month of January alone, a count more than that the whole of Manila Bay, the highest concentration for these migratory birds.

    "Bago-Ilog coastal wetlands host the most number of migratory shorebirds passing through its flyway. About 73 s ...