Danjugan Island Sanctuary

Cauayan, Negros Occidental

DIMRS is located in Cauayan, Negros Occidental. In 1994, the owners of Danjugan decided to sell a tree that was home to a nesting pair of white breasted sea eagles. This provoked a group to offer to buy the island, and in 1994, the Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation was created. The foundation manages three areas around the island that were granted Protected Area status in 2000 ...

. In 2002 the sanctuary was awarded as the Philippines Best Managed Reef by the Philippine Council for Aquatic and Marine Research.

Danjugan Island Marine Reserve and Sanctuary News

  • Danjugan Island Marine Sanctuary Philippines, Cauayan, Negros Occidental

    We travel from Sipalay to Danjugan Island, in Cauayan. A beautiful marine sanctuary, perfect for a day trip!


    I did a tour thats arranged. I believe its not even allowed to go around the island without a guide, but correct me if I am wrong!

    Its p1950 per head, including lunch and snacks, the boatride to the island and back to the shore. Note youll still need to go to the pick up point by tricycle. From Takatuka this was 300 pesos one way (so 600 back and forth). If you make friends and get into the tour together it will be cheaper ;)

    Island is very small o ...

  • Questions Of Science And Progress 1st Of 2 Parts

    Questions Of Science And Progress 1st Of 2 Parts

    Sitting at a bus terminal or a boarding gate of an airport, you sometimes look around at the busy-ness around you, or you steal glances at a wall clock.

    So many people and vehicles are coming and going, departing and arriving, on time or running late, and calm or rushed. You could say were always moving heading somewhere. Where? Why?

    These existential questions may not be asked out in the open because of a perceived preference for our pragmatic, more immediate concerns. But isnt finding answers for direction and meaning a basic human effort?

    In the last two weeks, I witnessed what I ...

  • Baby Shark

    Baby Shark

    Some of you must already be sick of hearing the song "Baby Shark." I remember the first time I heard it was during one of Danjugan Islands Marine and Wildlife Camps, before the song became viral. It was silly and we had quite a laugh dancing to it all summer. I didnt expect to be hearing it everywhere now!

    But even if the Baby Shark craze wears out as all fads do, I think its a good thing that sharks are in popular culture and in the consciousness of young kids (and adults!). It is a good starting point for discussions on the true nature of sharks their roles in marine ecosystems and the pl ...

  • Migrations Stories Of Survival

    Migrations Stories Of Survival

    Every year, Negros Occidental. They would stay from April to July, and their presence gives us a feeling of that beautiful summer by the beach with white oceanic birds circling above turquoise waters.

    And when they leave, we know that the skies and seas will soon become grey and stormy as the Habagat grows stronger. I am always enthralled by how the arrival and departure of these birds could also match the ups and downs of our internal environments.

    Since my last column I have been occupied with the theme of migration. The ecology and behavior of animals traveling long distances over per ...

  • 5 Tips For Traveling In An Eco-friendly Way

    5 Tips For Traveling In An Eco-friendly Way

    Lessen your impact on the environment while traveling with these tips.Living an environmentally conscious lifestyle can be easy enough from day to day, but it can become a bit more challenging when you're traveling. Whether you're backpacking for months on end or taking a quick weekend trip, it's all too easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new place and forget to take care of the environment.

    At the recently held series of talks and discussions by cause-oriented community MUNI, Dave Albao, who manages protected marine sanctuary Danjugan Island, and eco-friendly traveler Jen Horn sh ...

  • Danjugan Island On A Travel Guide Itinerary 2017

    Danjugan Island On A Travel Guide Itinerary 2017

    Some things never change. And sometimes, its a good thing.

    Its been six long years since the last time I was in Danjugan Island. Between the island and I, it seems like it was me who had undergone major changes. Back then, I was still a full-time employee working long marketing hours for a telco. Our blog then was in its infancy; in fact, Danjugan was one of the first destinations we covered. And I was 50 lb lighter. LOL. But I was delighted to see that the island was still in almost the same condition as we left it.