Danjugan Island Sanctuary

Cauayan, Negros Occidental

DIMRS is located in Cauayan, Negros Occidental. In 1994, the owners of Danjugan decided to sell a tree that was home to a nesting pair of white breasted sea eagles. This provoked a group to offer to buy the island, and in 1994, the Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation was created. The foundation manages three areas around the island that were granted Protected Area status in 2000 ...

. In 2002 the sanctuary was awarded as the Philippines Best Managed Reef by the Philippine Council for Aquatic and Marine Research.

Danjugan Island Marine Reserve and Sanctuary News

  • Exploring Conservation Island

    Exploring Conservation Island

    Their primer says it all: "Danjugan is not a resort."

    Danjugan Island Marine Reserve & Marine Sanctuary is an island that just about every aspiring travel writer would want to have a selfie in.

    Located off a rough road in Barangay Bulata in Cauayan, Negros Occidental, Danjugan (pronounced Danhugan) is a 43-hectare island that is just 1.5 kilometers long and 0.5 kilometer at its widest. But it has five lagoons, batcaves, a resident reticulated python that hangs out at the batcave, mangrove forest with not a single trash caught in its root systems, limestone forest, seagrass beds, coral ga ...

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  • 7 Reasons Why Danjugan Island Is A Model Of Nature Conservation

    7 Reasons Why Danjugan Island Is A Model Of Nature Conservation

    Off the coachof Cauyan in Ngeros Occidental, situates a 45-hectare islet teeming with a rich set of biodiversity.

  • Hope Is Our Currency

    Hope Is Our Currency

    Hopelessness will not drive people into action. With the issues we all share and deeply care about - stronger typhoons, rising seas, unsustainable food production and wastage, encroaching of development in protected areas and vulnerable coasts, and plastic choking our waterways and flooding our streets - we may feel hopeless.

    Some of us will feel frustrated and angry for many valid reasons. Why are corporations not cleaning up after their business? Why is government not providing us enough service? Why cannot we build a society that works together for solutions?

    We need to see our brothe ...

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  • The Gems Of Cauayan

    The Gems Of Cauayan

    The municipality of Cauayan is the place where I spent my childhood summers, enjoying my vacation with relatives and relishing the sea almost every day. This summer, I went back to Cauayan for a different reason, to marvel at its beauty from a different perspective and to learn from what it can teach me.

    This town in the southern part of Negros Occidental is making waves because of its beautiful beaches. More than that, there is a positive thing happening here that is worthy of emulating. In Barangay Bulata, there are two particular attractions that have captured the attention and awareness ...