Carbin Reef Sanctuary

Sagay City, Negros Occidental

The fact that Carbin Reef Marine Sanctuary has been included in the 32,000-hectare Sagay Marine Reserve speaks much of its teeming marine life and the need to maintain its biodiversity. For those who are not nature lovers, they're in for a disappointment. After all, above the surface, Carbin Reef is nothing more than a sandbar. Those who love nature know that the beauty of Carbin Reef lies beneath ...

the surface.

Carbin Reef Marine Fish Sanctuary News

  • Carbin Reef Travel Guide 2018: How To Get There, DIY, Itinerary, Budget Expenses And More

    Carbin Reef Travel Guide 2018: How To Get There, DIY, Itinerary, Budget Expenses And More

    Carbin Reef is a huge sand bar in the middle of a 200-hectares marine reserve off the coast of the municipality of Sagay in Negros Occidental. Established in 1983, it is part of the 32,000 hectare protected area of what is called Sagay Marine Reserve. Carbin Reef has clear, pristine and turquoise water that is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and a perfect spot to get some tan.

  • A Fun Day In Sagay

    A Fun Day In Sagay

    As we enter the month of June that ushers to the rainy season, we made one last summer hurrah in the City of Sagay in northern Negros. Our Camotes Islands adventure companion, Mr. E, arranged this trip with the Sagay City Tourism Office just days after our Cebu escapade. It was a two-hour drive from Bacolod City and we started our day early so we could fully enjoy the sights and attractions of Sagay.

    We first stopped at the Balay Kauswagan and found a number of people decorating the main hall for an upcoming event. Center manager Dana Gensoli received us warmly upon our arrival. Owned and m ...

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    Beat The Summer Heat In Negros

    The summer heat in tropical Philippines is making us sweat profusely. And here in Negros Island, we are not spared from the sun as well. The good thing though, there are plenty of destinations in the province that can make us escape the scorching hot weather. A drive down south or up north or towards the eastern portion of the province will lead us to beautiful scenic places.

    My visit at the recently concluded Panaad sa Negros Festival 2017, as I went from one pavilion to the next, reminded me of the various sights that we can enjoy in our province. This summer, there are plenty of places ...

  • Carbin Reef Sagay City

    Exploring the beauty of Carbin Reef (Sagay Marine Reserve) in Sagay City, Negros Occidental.

    18 February 2017.

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    4 Unspoiled Beaches In Negros Island Region

    Beach trip is considered the ultimate getaway for many us. In the Negros Island Region, Lakawon Island, Punta Bulata and Atmosphere Resorts always get the most attention. These resorts are truly the best in place and service, but do you know that Negros Island has many unspoiled stunning beaches?

    These beaches have not been marred by major developments. They are beautiful as they are. They are uncrowded and clean perfect for relaxation.

    These unspoiled beaches in the Negros Island Region boasts powdery white sands, pristine waters and scenic views. These are gifts from mother nature that ...

  • How To Get To Cabin Reef In Sagay Negros Occidental

    How To Get To Cabin Reef In Sagay Negros Occidental

    Carbin Reef is off the radar. Because it's off-the-beaten and in the middle of nowhere, what you will find in any given day is just a group or two beach combing on its tongue-shaped sandbar.

    The day I was there, two groups of locals leisurely spent the quiet and scorching afternoon wading by the edge of the beach. The facilities are sparse and spartan??"wooden tables with bamboo benches in makeshift shacks. No restroom. Not a tree in sight. Get the picture? It's perfect for those with Robinson Crusoe-ques persuasions.

    The number of guests you will share this jewel of Northern Negros sea ...