Bernardino Jalandoni Museum

Silay City, Negros Occidental

The Bernardino Jalandoni Museum, also known as the Bernardino Jalandoni House, located along Rizal Street, Silay City, in the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines, is the original residence of the late Don Bernardino and Doña Ysabel Jalandoni. The museum is also known as the "Pink House" because of its conspicuous pink paint that easily grabs attention.

Bernardino Jalandoni Museum News

  • The Don Bernardino Jalandoni Museum

    The Don Bernardino Jalandoni Museum

    Known by many locals as the "Pink House", the Don Bernardino Jalandoni Museum in Silay City, Negros Occidental is one of the many National Historical Landmarks in the region. Declared by the National Historical Institute as a historical site in November 6, 1993, the Bernardino Jalandoni Museum is one of the main tourist attractions in the city. It certainly gives you a glimpse of the past.

    Built by Don Bernardino Jalandoni and Doña Ysabel Lopez Ledesma, who were formerly from Jaro, Iloilo City, in 1908, the Bernardino Jalandoni Museum along Rizal Street depicts the typical opulent houses d ...

  • Bacolod 2015 Trip Bernardino Jalandoni Museum

    Bacolod 2015 Trip Bernardino Jalandoni Museum

    The last heritage home that we visited before going to Bacolod City is the Bernardino Jalandoni Museum. This home is easy to see since it's located along Rizal St., near the church and beside the public market.

    It is also called the "Pink House" since it is painted in pink. Its design depicts the typical nipa hut but on a larger scale. Its structure is made of the local hard iron wood or locally known as "balayong" and had withstood the test of time.

    Its history from Wikipedia:

    This home is originally owned by the late Don Bernandino and Dona Ysabel Jalandoni. They are originally fr ...

  • Bernardino Ysabel Jalandoni Ancestral House The Pink Museum In Silay

    Bernardino Ysabel Jalandoni Ancestral House The Pink Museum In Silay

    Bernardino-Ysabel Jalandoni Ancestral House is a two-storey heritage house turned into a museum owned by the family of Bernardino and Ysabel Jalandoni in Silay City in the province of Negros Occidental, the Philippines. Because of its cultural, architectural, and/or historical significance, it is one of the recognized and declared heritage houses of the Philippines by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP).

    I went here at 3:52 p.m. on August 29, 2013 with my old office mates, Chenie and Lindsay. This was during our Silay Heritage Walk in Negros Occidental, the 24th pro ...

  • The Bernardino Jalandoni Museum

    The Bernardino Jalandoni Museum

    I searched the map of Negros a few months ago and I realized that there are so many cities in the Island. Negros is of course divided into two provinces,Oriental and Occidental,nonetheless,I have never seen so many cities in an island its size.

    Silay City is one of these cities which is a comfortable one (1) hour away from Bacolod City. Bacolod Airport is actually located in Silay,thus, it's called Bacolod-Silay Airport. On October 20,in line with Masscara 2012,Negros Bloggers and Merci Pasalubong Center organized a Blogger's Tour of Silay. Around 10 bloggers from Manila joined the tour. We ...

  • Bernardino Jalandoni Ancestral House In Bacolod

    Bernardino Jalandoni Ancestral House In Bacolod

    On my previous post, I shared with you our visit to Victor Gaston's anscestral house, more popularly known as Balay Negrense in Bacolod. Today, let's head to Bernardino Jalandoni's Ancestral House which is just a few blocks away from Balay Negrense, located along Rizal Street (formerly Calle Real), both in Silay City, Negros Occidental.

    To read all my posts about Bacolod so far (with stuff you can do in a day or two), go to this link: Things to do in Bacolod

    This particular ancestral house that we visited that morning is now called Bernardino Jalandoni House Museum, also popularly known ...

  • Living Ala Sugar Baron At Silays Jalandoni Mansion Part III

    Living Ala Sugar Baron At Silays Jalandoni Mansion Part III

    Iloilo I LOVE! visits Bernardino Jalandoni Museum at historic Silay City. A perfectly preserved time capsule, the museum offers a real glimpse of the luxurious and glamorous life of sugar barons and Silay's elite.

    For those who regularly visit my site, this is already my third installment on my Silay City chronicles. Exploration of the city would never be complete without visiting the Bernardino Jalandoni Museum at Rizal Street. I was hesitant to enter the mansion because I always think that museums prohibit picture taking, but to my surprise I was even encouraged by the staff to do so. Dre ...