600 IPs To Join Tribal Games

About 600 participants from Davao City's indigenous tribes will join the tribal games event of this year's Kadayawan festival.

Dubbed as "Dula Kadayawan" (Kadayawan Games) the event will feature several competitions based on lumad and moro indigenous games. It will be held on August 17 at the Peoples Park.

"This will be the 5th Dula Kadayawan. During the morning, we will have the opening program and the rituals of the lumads. The lumads will be playing from 9:00 in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon then our moro brothers will be playing three games," says games organizer Tommy Inigo.

He estimates 50 to 60 people per tribe from the city's 11 Indigenous Tribes which consists of five non-Islamized (Lumad) and six Islamized tribes (Moros) will join the games. The lumads consists of Ata-Manobo, Tagabawa, Klata, Ovu Manuvu, Matigsalog tribes while the moros are Sama, Kagan, Tausug, Meranaw, Iranun, Maguindanaoan

The lumads will be playing 10 indigenous games which consists of Kokasing (spinning of tops), Karang (walking stick race), Siklot (pick up sticks using cassava), Bibinayo (rice pounding), Solopot (blow darts), Sosakorol (water fetching), Bubuntug (spear throwing), Sisibow (similar to syatong), Pana (bow and arrow), Totaringki (fire making) and Husoroy (tug-of-war).

The moro games will be Sipa sa Manggis (sipa to hit a target), Sipa sa Lama (similar to Takyan) and Kanggaro Taya their version of tug-of-war.

They have different set of games since they have different cultures. Forest inspired games such as sisibow, pana and solopot are not familiar to moros, while sipa are not familiar to lumads.

The lumad game winners will be determined by their overall standings with the grand winners to be awarded P80,000 in cash along with trophies and medals while the winners in the Moro games will be awarded per game. Trophies, medals and cash prizes will also be given to the winners in the Moro games.

The games will be played with participants dressed in their traditional attire. Inigo says that they visited each of the tribes to learn about their games. Under their guidance, the IP leaders were able to create the rules and guidelines for the games that will be played.

Inigo said that after the competitions, visitors and tourists can interact with the IPs where they can learn and play the various games featured in the event.

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