Forest Governance Project Or FoGoP

Effective conservation of forests is possible with strengthened governance mechanisms. Local communities must also be empowered with technical knowledge, platforms, and skills to establish forest monitoring programs and more effectively contribute to forest management and land-use planning processes.

Through the establishment and strengthening of community networks and between cross-national networks, the Forest Governance Project or FoGoP aims to enhance information sharing and empower non-state actors in advocacy of issues concerning forest conservation. The project will be implemented over a 5-year period (2017-2021), with a clear focus on capacity building for effective engagement in forest management and policy processes. It will also complement existing forest conservation initiatives.

To build the capacity of national, provincial and local non-state actors to monitor forest resource use, forest condition and forest carbon stocks; engage effectively with local authorities and national decision-makers; participate in forest management and land use planning processes; and, inform and influence forest policy processes, including REDD+ and FLEGT.

European Union

2017 to 2021

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