PCG BFAR Rescue Stranded Dolphin In Sual

The Philippine Coast Guard and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) in Sual successfully rescued a stranded dolphin at vicinity waters of Barangay Tobuan, Labrador, Pangasinan yesterday, July 31.

A certain Mr. Roman Ferrer reported the incident at Coast Guard Station (CGS) Sual informing that a dolphin was sighted and was believed to be stranded.

Subsequently, joint team of CGS Sual, Marine Environmental Protection Unit-Northwestern Luzon conducted rescue operation to the reported incident and positively confirmed the said reports. Immediately, CGS Sual made coordination to BFAR-Regional Office 1 (RO1) and BFAR-Sual for the conduct of rescue operations.

The SAR team together with Dr. Joel Abalos, an Agriculture Technologist of Labrador conducted ocular inspection on rescued dolphin. Dr. Abalos identified the mammal as a Risso?s Dolphin with a measurement of 208 centimeters in length and approximately 250 kilograms in weight. It was also found out that it was weak, suffered from bruises on beak, wounded on melon (forehead part of dolphin) and different parts of its body.

Subsequently, the dolphin was ferried to BFAR-RO1 in Alaminos City for further medical attention and properly was turned over to Mr. Nomer Cappal of BFAR Alaminos for proper disposition.

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