Municipal City Water Delineation And Coastal Zoning Of Macajalar Bay

One major plan of the Macajalar Bay Development Alliance (MBDA) is the delineation of the municipal waters of its 14 memberLGUs. The plan came about because the municipal waters of Macajalar Bay are not yet officially and properly delineated. MBDA anticipated boundary conflicts in the planning and development of the areas and in the implementation of the Bay's policies and regulations. In fact, no LGU could establish its own fishing zones because the municipal waters' boundaries have not yet been clearly established.

Thus, on October 14-18, 2013, Engr. Aaron Andro V. Ching and Mr. Edyson P. Henson from the Hydrography Department of the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA) conducted field validation of the coastal terminal points of each municipality/city along Macajalar Bay. They were accompanied by the Program Manager of the MBDA, research staff of McKeough Marine Center (MMC) and the respective officials representing the neighboring LGUs. NAMRIA has sent the revised technical descriptions and maps subject for approval by the concerned LGUs through their local chief executives. After the approval by all 14 LGUs, Macajalar Bay will get its certification for its municipal waters from NAMRIA giving the memberLGUs the authority and accountability in spatial terms.

A follow-up activity to the field validation was the coastal zoning management and planning workshop conducted last October 21-25, 2013 by the DENR Protected Areas, Wildlife, and Coastal Zone Management Services (PAWCZMS). Coastal zoning provides integrated planning framework to minimize resource use conflicts that threaten the marine environment's sustainability. Each LGU identified its different resources and established its proposed zones (restricted, exclusive, multiple use, waterfront,
restoration, protected area, and ecotourism). The LGUs agreed to use uniform codes and legend for their individual coastal zones which would also be used for the bay-wide map. The creation of Macajalar Bay and municipal/city coastal zone maps will assist the coastal users and different stakeholders in the planning and management of the coastal areas.

Certification from NAMRIA of the delineation of municipal/city waters and creation of coastal zone maps of Macajalar Bay is expected to be done in the first quarter of 2014. The two MBDA-organized activities are funded by the Deutshce Gesellschaft Für Internationale Zusammenarbeit??" Adaptation to Climate Change in Coastal Areas (GIZ-ACCCoast) with logistical assistance from the XU-MMC.

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