Wildlife Release At Angat Watershed

About 50 wildlife animals that underwent rehabilitation were released at the Angat Watershed last week. The Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB), in coordination with the National Power Corporation (NPC), conducted the activity to strengthen the controlled ecotourism at Angat Dam.

Included in the wildlife release were island-collared doves, Brahminy kites, monitor lizards, and Asian box turtles.

The animals first underwent rehabilitation and veterinarians made sure that they can already be left in the wild, like in Angat Watershed ??" one of the government's protected areas.

The Angat Watershed, which covers about 62,000 hectares of protected areas in the provinces of Bulacan and Rizal, is one of the 11 watersheds under NPC management in support of power generation. Hunting of any animal is prohibited here.

According to BMB and NPC, they want to intensify efforts on controlled ecotourism, so that the public may know the important role of the Angat Dam in the everyday lives of people and animals.

This is also in connection with giving importance to the ecology of the area, and giving due care to the animals that reside therein, with the help of the community ??" the Dumagat tribe, who have been living in Angat for a long time.

"Ang buhay-ilang ay mahalaga sa amin, katumbas ng aming buhay," said Norma Roque, vice tribal governor of the Dumagat tribe, when interviewed on the importance of the wildlife.

Overall, through the wildlife release activity conducted, BMB and NPC hope that more people can help in taking care of nature and the environment.

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