Punta Fuego Holds 6th Annual Turtle Run

Gerald Ambayec ruled the 5K Men's Open while Ma. Carmencita Obmina-Muaña won in the women's side in the Punta Fuego sixth Annual Turtle Run held to raise funds for Punta Fuego Foundation's Save the Oceans Environmental Program.

Ambayec won the 5K men's run in 21 minutes, 14 seconds, while Muaña did it in 29 minutes flat. They each received medals and prizes.

The Chua family, headed by Foundation's CEO Dr. Noel Chua, received the Running Family award for the third consecutive year for having 17 participants in various race categories. The Most Persevering Runner award was given to Dorothy Ann Galope, who received a turtle run trophy from Paris, France courtesy of Angela Quila.

Proceeds from the run, organized by Punta Fuego, will fund the coral reef conservation project. Major sponsors were Dunlop, Landco and Standard Insurance. Other race sponsors were Toyota Otis, CDO Foodsphere, Kenneth and Mock, Santos Knight Frank, Auto Nation Group and Nature's Spring Water.

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