Cape Bojeador Lighthouse In Burgos Ilocos Norte

It was already late afternoon when we traveled to a winding road going up a hill to our last spot in Ilocos Norte that day.

Once we got out of the van, we were welcomed by this spectacular view of the vast landscape and sea. We were on top of the Vigia de Nagpartian Hill and at our back is the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.

Brief History
Also known as Burgos Lighthouse, this is a cultural heritage structure in the province that was built on March 30, 1892 during the Spanish colonization in the Philippines. It's 65 feet tall. The lighthouse was as the guide used during the early galleons in the country. And for years, this also serves as a welcoming beacon to ships entering the Philippine archipelago.

The entrance to the lighthouse was padlocked.

As much as we wanted to explore it, our guide said that it was closed to public because it's not safe anymore. It's a century old structure and has been hit by lightning many times. Ohhh

At first, I thought that they only closed the tower itself because of its rusty metal stairs. The lower part, the pavilion and the balcony, should still be open? But nah I didn't bother to ask becuase it was obvious that we were not allowed to go inside.

So we had no choice but to just enjoy the views and of course, take some pictures. It must have been fun to explore the lighthouse with its old bricks and Spanish era design, but we just have to make the most out of what we had.

We just stayed outside, looked at the lighthouse up close and took some photos!

It's nice to visit lighthouses in the country because most of them were built during the spanish times and it makes you understand the history in it, to the point of imagining how the lives of the people back then and giving value to these old structures.

We were there for a very short time, but it was a perfect moment. The sunset was awesome, and dramatic. As the last ray of the sun touches the lighthouse, it was a nice way to end our day touring Ilocos Norte.

How to get there ( Cape Bojeador)
Along the Maharlika Highway in Barangay Paayas in Burgos, you will find a signage of Cape Bojeador. Just follow and it will lead you to a steep winding road until you reach the lighthouse.

Tips and other Info
Cape Bojeador is part of our Ilocos trip. There are lots of tour companies that offer Ilocos trip. They will do the itinerary and trip details for you. The trip usually includes travel to Ilocos Sur's tourist spots like Vigan etc.

Cape Bojeador has no entrance fee.

There are some ghost stories saying that Cape Bojeador is haunted, that some tourists were able to capture figures on the photo that are said to be ghosts. It must have been fun if we were able to enter the lighthouse. Hahaha!
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