Blue Lagoon In Pagudpud Ilocos Norte

We were in Pagudpud, and we just learned that the nearest ATM is in Laoag. We didn't have cash. Oh my, "How are we going to eat?" Haha!

This trip happened years ago. I don't know if Pagudpud has an ATM now, but during that time we were caught off guard. It just didn't cross our minds that a certain place could probably have no ATM. I was a newbie traveler that time, didn't make enough research before exploring a destination.

Our next stop that day was the famous beach in town, the white sand and bluish waters of the Blue Lagoon! On our way there, we made a stop to the high part of the road to get a spectacular view of the Blue Lagoon. It was beautiful and relaxing.

We were so excited to reach the beach. At least for a few moments, we forgot about our worries about the ATM haha!

Blue Lagoon is located at the Miara-ira point at the northern tip of Pagudpud. This is a famous beach destination among travelers exploring the northern part of the Philippines.

There's no doubt why the beach was called Blue Lagoon with its bluish waters and fine sand. Since we were there during summer, the scorching heat of the sun was just too much. We hurriedly looked for a cottage, but then again, we realized that we didn't have cash. How on earth are we going to pay for the cottage? And our food? We were hungry. And then the dilemma came back.

Good thing we were still able to think clearly and thought of a solution. We had to search for a restaurant or a resort that accepts debit or credit card.

And the search begins.

We were able to find, Hannah Resort in front of the Blue Lagoon, they had this huge restaurant and they accept debit and credit card. Whew! Also for us to have a safe place for our bags, we also checked in for a day tour at the resort.

A few minutes later, we all went to the restaurant and had a sumptuous lunch. We were happy again. Haha! You know how hunger can make a person grumpy right? We were so full that we spent a few more minutes swimming at the pool.

But we were all aware that nothing beats feeling the waves and the sand on our feet, so we then hit the beach!

My trip to Pagudpud was probably the stage before the travel bug had bitten me. Haha!

It was the time before I even realized that I wanted to be a travel blogger, and I haven't experienced some of the best beaches in the country yet, like Calaguas, El Nido and Burias Island, so I can genuinely say that I was satisfied with Pagudpud.

Plus our group truly enjoyed our trip to Ilocos!

Blue Lagoon is a place that you would want to visit again. Honestly, reliving my memories of the place and also the good times I had with some friends made me feel that I want to come back.

I also had some learnings from this travel to Ilocos Norte. First bring enough cash. But problems during travel is inevitable, at the end of the day what's important is how you've overcome it and learn along the way.

How to get to Blue Lagoon in Pagudpud

Once you get to Pagudpud town proper, ask around and hire a tricycle to take you to the Blue Lagoon. Negotiate the price and also the set up of fetching you in the afternoon to bring you back to your hotel or accommodation.

Tips and more details

There are a lot of hotels and accommodation in Blue Lagoon. You may choose from the big resorts like Hannah Beach Resort to cheap accommodation and beach resorts. There are also some homestays and transient house near the beach!

When we were there I remember, there was a minimal fee of 20 pesos as entrance fee to the beach. That was years ago. I honestly had no problem with it as long as they help in taking care of the cleanliness of the beach.

There's a lot of activities you can do at the Blue Lagoon, aside from the usually beach bumming, there's a zipline and some resorts offer water activities like banana boat etc.

Blue Lagoon is usually part of the Ilocos Norte tours offered by travel agencies. Check google or ask your traveler friends.

For more details and guidance on your trip, please contact Ilocos Norte Tourism Office at +63-77-772- 1211 loc. 157, +63-77-770-4242. Email: /

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