Longo Beach Of Masinloc Zambales

Longo beach is not recommended for swimming and other ocean activities. It's a jelly fish haven! Situated roughly 30 mins away from the public market of Masinloc by motorized banca. The beach is one of the poorly maintain beach resort in Zambales as of the writing.

The water is pristine and sand are fine white yet over priced cottages and entrance fees. Plus no facilities to take a bath after swimming.

Also, Longo beach is rich in aquatic and marine life. Small fish, sea grass, jelly fishes, star fish, and other marine life are roaming near it pristine water. Aside from it's rich resources, you can only access a waist deep pristine water for a swim. Beyond that is a sea grass were jelly fishes and sea snakes lives.

There's really isn't much to do in the beach except enjoying the blue sky, distant view of Zambales mountain range, and a colorful Masinloc coal power plant exhaust.

Baby JC Jane is not enjoying the sand and the view of star fish on her path.

A motorized banca carrying passenger to the beach and out the beach. Longo beach and a distant view of Masinloc coal power plant

A photo of island hoppers while aboard the banca.

A bushes that provide natural shade lies in the shoreline of Longo beach.

Longo beach cottage area, towering coconut trees and bushes provides shades for the patron.

A distant view of the Masinloc fish sanctuary and the floating electric post.

Longo beach over price poorly maintain beach and cottage.

A view of Longo beach prisine water and fine sand with dotted with sharp rocks

Pristine water of Longo beach

Longo beach star fish

One of the many jelly fishes roaming the Longo beach pristine water.

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