Day 2 At Onok Island

My excitement may be the only thing keeping my energy now. I woke up from a short but better than nothing sleep. I traveled for more than 12 hours just to get here. Eleven hours after my arrival, Onok Island still doesn't fail to amaze me. What more, I get to enjoy this island all by myself, well, so much for being the only guest.

I can't remember how many times I opened my eyes to check if it's already bright outside. I'm so looking for a fresh sunrise that I always fail to see in Manila. Excuse: I'm on midshift. Haha

I do remember though, my swollen and bare face making it outside to the dining area. I walked outside beside fresh fishes lined up waiting to be cleaned. Their colorful rainbow like scales made me think they came from another world.

The small ball of light is slowly making its entrance. The view is so bare out there I had one eye closed. Though the sun is blinding, the warmth it bring compliments the cool strong wind from the same direction. Under the stilts, row of waves continuously land on the sand, while on the other side, the water seems like frozen from calmness.

Not too long, breakfast was served. Rice and seafood in the morning is uncommon, but the view by the window is a food for my eyes. The sparkling sun and water was so inviting I can't wait to get my feet on it.

Signal check: Fluctuating. Data Access: Impossible

You know some people can get resourceful when it comes to pictures? I'm one of them. I didn't know Monoblocs can work as a tripod, with some more things on top. I don't have a tripod for a DSLR. Heck the DSLR is not even mine. My GoPro's thin tripod doesn't work with the wind. I got multiple close up shots of sand after that.

What do you do when you're alone in an island? Me? I take pictures. Let go of shame. No one's watching me. Bwahaha

Taking my own pictures is tiring. I ran forward and back to set the timer. I know, I know, I need a remote. But I need my own camera first aren't I? Hahah

When I got tired from running and doing awkward poses, I sat down and sang. Nature might have been disgusted with it since they threw over some more wind, making mine a backup.

The sun is getting intense as it approaches the afternoon. I went under the stilts to you know.. Take pictures. I can only bring my GoPro with me. The DSLR might get splashes from the now noisier waves. Out in the open, the view is a limitless sea. Though the waves made it rough, the sparkling sea still gets me. Like who doesn't want this view?!! Tell meh!!!

Afternoon came and a group of guests came. They are around 10 or more, but I didn't showed up to them. Yeah they might have seen a solo girl on the house and might have thought of me as lonely. I didn't bother. I spent all my afternoon at bed, sleeping.

I only went out when it's nearing eve. The other guests are still active walking around Onok. Their energy was endless. I would have been the same if not because of my extension. Did I mentioned that I extended my stay in Onok instead of getting another island hopping tour? Haha yeah, I decided it last night after I realized I'll be spending way more if I get another tour. After all, Onok is more than enough for me. ;-) Love at first sight, LEGIT! Oh I would love to spend more with my love! So now you'll know what will be my next posts. Hahaha

See yah!

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