The Beauty Of Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

Ilocos Norte a glimpse of bygone days, a province that has a lot to offer from natural resources, falls and cave of Pagudpud down to those giant wind mills of Bagui to Kapurpurawan rock formations that capture wanderer to drop by and experience its unique beauty.

As mentioned on my blog about Paoay Ilocos Norte I've been into many attempts on visiting the place and at last, the month of Feb-ibig gave me the chance to visit Ilocos with a wanderful soul. My experience as first timer on the place really teaches me to wander wholeheartedly. Seriously, I and my friends just don't even know the exact route, exact bus to ride and even the exact amount in order to survive the adventure, but thanks to Google and to some blogs we've read, they help us a lot to be on the right track.

Getting lost in a place could be an amazing story. It is part of having a wanderful soul. As a first timer in the province of Ilocos, I personal enjoyed the place. Long hours of travel gave me a colds but it equates to full package of new experience for keeps and to ponder. Travelling leads me to new thoughts and memories.

For this adventure our feet led us to the creamy white rock formations on the rocky coast of Burgos, Ilocos Norte. This rock formation in the northwestern part of Ilocos Norte gave me and my friends a blast of Polaroid. This is how we enjoyed the beauty of kapurpurawan rock formation.

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