Giving Thanks For A Bountiful Harvest At The Utanon Festival

The Philippines is known for its colorful festivals that celebrate the feast day of the patron saint of a place. Food and drinks are in abundance during these festivals and people normally end up eating more than usual. Meat dishes of different kinds are normally served with the world famous Cebu lechon taking the spotlight on the table. But there is one town in Cebu where the vegetables reign supreme.

Vegetable Basket of Cebu

The Utanon Festival of Dalaguete celebrates good harvest every February 9 and 10. The festival also celebrates the feast day of the patron saint of the town, San Guillermo. It is not surprising that vegetables are the focal point of the town festival since Dalaguete is considered as the "Vegetable Basket of Cebu."

Dalakit Tree

The town of Dalaguete is located in the southeastern part of Cebu. The name of the town is based on the dalakit tree. During the ancient times, people used trees as landmarks where they gather for meetings, contests, and festivities, among others. There was one place in the area that became one of the sites of communal gatherings of residents. Since a huge dalakit tree stood at the site, people would tell each other "adto ta magkita sa dalakit" or "Let us meet up at the dalakit tree." This became a common practice among residents of the area, which was unofficially called dalakit before the arrival of the Spaniards. This communal area became the site where a church was established and the town was later called Dalaguete.

Utanon Festival

The Utanon Festival of the town allows the residents of the town to show their appreciation for everything they received. It also is a way for them to look forward for a bountiful harvest in the future. The festival showcases the vegetables and crops through music and dancing during a parade in the town. It also promotes the vegetable industry of the province.

Little Baguio of Cebu

While a tropical climate prevails in the town all year long, the mountain barangays of the town have a rather cold climate. In fact, Barangay Mantalongon is called the "Little Baguio of Cebu." It is also considered as the "Summer Capital of Cebu" due to its cold weather.

Getting to Dalaguete

You can start your journey to Dalaguete by taking a bus from the Cebu City South Bus Terminal. The trip to Dalaguete takes around three hours depending on the traffic.

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