Pandin Lake In Laguna

Pandin lake is very serene and mysterious because the water is dark and still but if you are with friends the place can be very active. I don't think it is a good idea going here alone because the main activity here is to rent a bamboo raft and eat on the other side of the lake and swim.

Part also of the package is going to Yambo lake which is very near Pandin lake. Although we are not allowed to get close to it for some reason. You are just allowed to view and take photos.

The place is lovely, it is very provincial like those you would see in old Filipino paintings.

There are not much place here to sit around and chill because with the amount of tourist coming in and few rafts, you would have to wait to get your turn.

I would suggest that you visit this place on a weekday due to it's limited capacity.

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