World Water Day Waste Water Is A Resource Conserve And Recycle It This Years Theme

The weeklong observance of World Water Day, lasting until March 22, is under way with Philippine activities led by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in coordination with the Interior department, private businesses like Maynilad, and advocacy NGOs.

The theme for this year's United Nations-designated World Water Day is "Water and Waste Water."

Dona Mayor Gordona of the DENR's river basin control office said World Water Day is traditionally marked in summer, when there is a lot of unmet demand for water.

This year's theme encouraged people to look at waste water as a key resource that must be collected and recycled for use by industry and in farms in order to reduce the demand for fresh water.

"The good thing about this is that all those involved in water become united in the campaign to conserve and preserve our water resources," Gordona said.

Private concessionaire Maynilad Water Services Inc. and other water agencies are participants in World Water Day activities, including a Water Mini Olympics.

Maynilad is sponsoring a "sungka tournament" that features "sungka" blocks made by the Dumagat at the Ipo watershed - a livelihood program set up by Maynilad.

Organizers explained that the rules of the indigenous "sungka" provide an opportunity to .. showcase the role of water agencies to protect and rehabilitate the Ipo watershed.

According to Rosmon Tuazon, advocacy head for Maynilad, the "sungka" blocks are crafted by the Dumagat from drift wood or wood debris often left untended and which can block Maynilad's intake facility at the Ipo watershed.

The project thus prevents this blockage while providing livelihood to the Dumagat, Tuyazon explained.

"The rules of 'sungka' reflect the effort of Maynilad and different agencies to protect and rehabilitate Ipo watershed," he added.

He reiterated the call by the government and the private sector for people to conserve water.

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