Places To Visit In Laguna

Laguna is one of the tourist destinations in southern Luzon because it is just a two hour travel from Manila. This province has the great combination of historical sites and nature that attract tourist from the Metro and other nearby provinces. First, Bunga falls located in Nagarlan, Laguna. According to the residents, there were plenty of bettle nut (bunga in local dialect) in the area, so they derived the name of this water falls from this vine.

Mt. Romelo and the Buruwisan falls are one of the top tourist spots in Laguna. Hiking to Romelo's camp site, river and water falls is always challenging because the trail is usually covered with mud since it is being used by the locals, with their horses and carabaos to transport goods to the low lying areas. The trail is covered with hard wood trees, coco nuts and fruit bearing trees that create a cool ambiance. The water on the river and water falls is crystal clear and totally refreshing. If you're looking for extreme, some organizers set up ropes for wall climbing and canyoneering.

Mt. Kalisungan is perfect for those people aiming for a higher altitude and has a 360 degrees view of Laguna and nearby provinces. The trail of Kalisungan is considered as friendly for the first timer in hiking, but it will definitely make you sweat. Fruit bearing trees like lanzones, mangoes, rambutan and coconuts are present in most of the terrain. On the summit is an open area covered with relaxing green grass and a fresh cold breeze. But tourist guides are recommended before ascending.

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery is another tourist destination in Laguna, with the touch of history and heritage. It is said to be one of the oldest cemeteries in the Philippines and the only cemetery underground. There are burial chambers outside and below a small chapel. History said that this cemetery was created for selected people; only those with position in the government, leaders, rich families, and church leaders.

After mountains and historical sites, let's go to Pandin Lake, one of the seven lakes of Laguna. Aside from the fact that Pandin is a good source fresh water fish, it is also now developed for local tourism purposes. Floating cottages are available for rent for a family outing. Sari-sari stores and rest rooms are available in the area. Residents also offer fresh buko juice, halo-halo and other local delicacies of Laguna.

Pansol Hot Springs are the usual destinations for team building in Laguna, especially during rainy season. Since the province has a good source of warm water or hot springs, resorts and hotels developed their own swimming pools and made them available for rent. This warm water from the spring can make your tired muscles relaxed, good for blood circulation, remove skin problems, and can make you younger looking.

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