Enchantingly Beautiful Cancalanog Falls Of Alegria

The island of Cebu has numerous treasures that have yet to be fully appreciated by many Cebuanos. These hidden treasures are generally known by the locals but are unfamiliar to people from the other parts in Cebu. One of these natural wonders is the Cancalanog Falls.

Sight to Behold

The Cancalanog Falls is a sight to behold for first-time visitors. Heck, it is a sight to behold even for return visitors who would be awed by the greenish-blue hue of the waters. The unique glow is reminiscent of the Enchanted River in Surigao. The waterfalls itself may not be as magnificent as the other famous falls in Southern Cebu, but the clear waters of this relatively undeveloped area is more than enough to make up for it.

The rock formation around the falls is also quite enchanting to look at. It also adds to the overall appearance of the place. The Cancalanog Falls is also a part of the Matutinao River system that leads to the famous Kawasan Falls. The water goes into a deep natural basin where visitors can go cliff diving.

Getting to the Cancalanog Falls

The Cancalanog Falls is located in Barangay Compostela in the southern town of Alegria. To get there, it would be necessary to ride on a bus going to the south through the town of Barili. Ask the driver to drop you off at the Sangi junction in the town of Alegria. From Sangi, you can hire a motorcycle to take you to the drop off point going to the waterfalls itself. Since motorcycles do not normally pass by the area, you can make arrangements with the driver to pick you up at a later time.

The island of Cebu is home to a number of relatively undiscovered treasures that are mainly known to local residents. The Cancalanog Falls is one of these enchantingly-beautiful hidden paradises that many Cebuanos have yet to discover in the southern part of the island. Have you been to the Cancalanog Falls already? Tell us about your experience on the comments section below.

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