Queen City Of The South Part 2 Tour

DAY 4 ??" OCTOBER 18, 2016

On our 2nd day, we chose to do some South Cebu activities.

Since It's 3-4 hours road trip going to Oslob, we left at ALT at around 4 in the morning and just caught up on some sleep during the ride. But our driver woke us up to see this beautiful sunrise.

We also passed by at Oslob's old Cuartel and the old church near it (almost just across it), the Nuestra Señora de la Immaculada Conception church, which is one of the oldest churches in Cebu, to have some photos.


We arrived at the Oslob Whaleshark Encounter location by around 7:00 a.m. You will be given only 30 minutes of encounter which will start once you arrive at the encounter area at the sea. REMEMBER, putting on sunblock is a NO-NO here because the chemicals will harm the Butandings. So better not to put some on your body because taking it off was not easy, you'll waste a lot of wipes or you have to shower to wash it off.

Each boat has two boatmen that will guide you and take photos for you. The struggle is real in taking photos for those who don't know how to swim… like us!

Sinubukan pa din naming mag-group shot. Sabi ni kuya: "oh, 1, 2, 3, lubog!" Pagkaahon…. "oh ulit tayo. 1, 2, 3, lubog!" Mga limang beses na ganyan ang eksena. Jusko! Kulang nalang magmakaawa kami na gusto din naman namin huminga. hahaha Sobrang frustrated nya siguro kasi mauubos na yung 30mins namin, wala pa kaming matinong kuha. Priorities. Hindi na baleng makalunok kami ng tubig, basta may maganda kaming photo. The struggle is real mga beh! Pero yan yung magiging most unforgettable, so kebs lang. Ito pala yung time na sumuko na ako sa mga echos ni Kuya. Umattitude na ako dito. Bahala kayo dyan. Nalalasahan ko na yung alamang.

Sabi sa akin ni kuya: "HAY SUS, ma'am!! HAY SUS! Wag ka magpanic. Andito lang naman ako, bitaw ka sa life vest." Sorry kuya, meron kasi akong trust issue (jk). Ramdam nyo yung frustration nya? hahahaha
"…… kung wala ka ng makapitan. Kapit ka sa akin. Kumapit ka sa akin. Hindi kita bibitawaaaan." So ayun, hindi talaga ako bumitaw. hahahahha
Gusto ko talagang magkaroon ng magandang picture with Butanding nun, kaso hindi ako marunong lumangoy. So yes, LIFE vest. Nakakatawang experience.

But don't fret! Coz I'm sure after a few tries, you'll have that perfect shot with those gentle giants.. like we did.

Though, there are some petitions going around asking to ban this kind of activity as this may harm the whalesharks. I think, as long as everyone will follow the instructions given before the encounter, all will be well. However, some forget it as they enjoy the activity.


After our encounter, we proceeded to Tumalog Falls. If you want to get there fast, you will have to ride a habal-habal on a steep rode which makes it a bit scary, but that's just a short ride though. Otherwise, you can walk going there. The falls was a bit dry when we went there. Though as per our guide, that's not usually the amount of water falling from above the falls, we were just a bit unlucky. LOL


We ate an early lunch before we drove to Kawasan. It's a 1-2 hours ride from Tumalog. And from the jump-off point, there's a 15-20mins walk going to the falls just along the river.

This river is connected to Kawasan Falls which makes the trek not that exhausting because you will be enticed by the river's clear blue water.

The trail won't bore you as there are a lot of picture perfect spots.

After a few minutes of walk, there's the ENCHANTING Kawasan Falls!! How is that soooo blue that the water seems to be coming from a pool??!! Nature will never fail to amaze you, ALWAYS! Soooobrang ganda!

You know what's the most exciting part? The close experience underneath the falls by riding a bamboo raft and going through the foot of the falling water.

The amount of water may not seem vigorous but when you go underneath it, it's punchy. LOL

We regretted not renting a life vest as it serves as a shield from the violent (exaggeration intended) force of water on your body.

I think it was 1-2:00 p.m. when we decided to go back to the jump-off to settle and wash up.

We ended this trip with so much smile on our faces and brought home a lot of happiness and memories. We were so satisfied that we wanna go back and try all of the south activities especially the Canyoneering. We will, surely! Wait for our comeback, Cebu!

DAY 5 ??" OCTOBER 19, 2016

End of the vacay! So sad. If only we can stay longer or live here. Our flight was at 9:oo a.m. So we rode a taxi going to airport at 5:30 a.m. For Cebu flights, there's no terminal fee that you need to pay because it's already incorporated in your plane ticket.

It was past 10:00 a.m. when we arrived at the NAIA Terminal 3.


Taxi from ALT to Airport ??" PHP 150
Taxi from Airport to Buendia Bus Terminal ??" PHP 300

I hope this post made you want to visit Bohol and Cebu as much as we did. Have you been there? How was your experience? Share it down the comment section and I'd love to read it. Ciao!

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