Travel Guide Palawan Puerto Princesa City Tour DIY

Puerto Princesa City Tour can be the "schedule filler" during your Palawan trip as it can be done in half a day. If you have a morning flight and has no activity in line when you arrive or leaving Palawan, you can opt to do the city tour. When we went to Puerto Princesa, we did the city tour before our flight back to Manila. We started at 9AM and ended at 2PM. After the tour, we went directly to the airport for our 3PM flight. It is important to secure accommodation within the city proper for convenience and easy access to transportation if you plan to do Puerto Princesa City Tour DIY.

How to do Puerto Princesa City Tour DIY

• Puerto Princesa City Tour DIY (Do-It-Yourself Tour)
• If you know how to drive a motorcycle then you can rent one and roam the city by yourself. For just Php100 per hour or Php500 for the whole day, you can go to the places you prefer. You can find these motorbikes for rent beside the exit gate of the airport.
• If you are with other travelers (2-4 pax) you can charter a tricycle to take you to the places you fancy. This costs around Php500 to Php 700. Tricycles are abound in Palawan as they are the primary means of transportation. Just approach a tricycle driver and inform them of your intent in doing the city tour.
• If you are in a bigger group, you can opt to charter a multicab (PhP800 to 1,000) or van (Php1000 to 1500). Van for rents are usually offered by travel agencies. You may ask around or search Google to find one.
• You may also use the public transport ??" combination of tricycle, jeepney, and/or multicabs. Although this option is cheaper than the other options provided above, commuting can be such a hassle and thus I do not personally suggest this. If you plan to do this, you may just ask directions from locals and drivers to get to the places you want.
• Take advantages of tour packages from travel agencies or you may contact Sole Adventours directly. They will take care of everything.

Puerto Princesa City Tour DIY: Where to Go

• Binuatan Creations Handloom Weaving ??" this is a well-known handicraft shop where you can observe and personally experience making handloom woven products using the indigenous plant fibers of Palawan. Their products are world-class exports and you can buy these native products when you visit the place. Location: Pajara, Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. Contact Number (048) 433-7630
• Palawan Butterfly Garden ??" From the name itself, this is a small place with lots of butterflies of various colors and sizes. If you want to experience walking in a butterfly sanctuary and be greeted by sweet and colorful flying objects, or if you want to know how an ugly worm become something of an impressive beauty then visit this place. Entrance fee: Php50. Location: Bunk House Rd., Santa Monica, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.
• Bakers Hill ??" this, probably, is the most popular place to visit when doing the Puerto Princesa City Tour DIY. It is a bakery/restaurant with a beautiful landscape which has been converted into a mini-park for visitors. It is open for public (except on Monday). Here, you can enjoy the deliciously baked bread while enjoying the homey atmosphere of the vicinity. Make sure to try their Hopia Ube and Hopia Baboy. Entrance Fee: Free. Location: Mitra Road, Barangay Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.
• Mitra's Ranch ??" A ranch situated in an elevated portion of Palawan and providing a beautiful view of the city. This place is privately owned by the governor of Palawan but was opened for the public entertainment. When you visit this place, try the Rancho Zipline which costs Php500 for 3 lines. Entrance Fee: Free. Location: Sta Monica Heights, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
• Iwahig Prison ??" a famous penal place where, instead of bars, you will see greeneries, shelters, ponds, and people in color-coded shirts who are freely roaming around, doing chores and other activities. These people in color-coded shirts are actually the prisoners themselves! Go visit the place, talk to them and share stories with them. You can even dance with them!
• Crocodile Farm (Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center) ??" Aside from hundreds of hundreds of crocodiles, this place also holds other endemic species such as the Palawan bear cat, porcupines, bearded pig, different sizes and colors of birds, and other exotic animals. I do not personally like their little zoo, as animals inside do not look healthy at all. Cages are rusty, animals are dirty, some looks thirsty and hungry but there's no enough water or food supply in the area. I hope the park just focus on crocodiles, which they seem to be managing pretty well. Visit this place and make sure to try the cocodile sisig! Entrance Fee: Php100. Location: Barangay Irawan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.
• Plaza Cuartel ??" a place that used to be a Japanese garrison during WWII. It has been converted into a memorial park for war victims. The place is okay but nothing extraordinary.
• Cathedral ??" historical church with grand and impressive infrastructure.
• Baywalk ??" this place, I can say, is the most popular strolling ground in Puerto Princesa nowadays. You can rent a bike or walk by the concrete road along the shoreline and enjoy the street food while enjoying the vast view of the bay. The local government of Puerto Princesa is doing a great job in keeping the Baywalk area clean and orderly despite the number of locals and tourists flocking the area. Kudos!

Additional Places and Activities

The things provided above are the usual places you can visit when doing Puerto Princesa City Tour DIY. If you have extra money and time, you may also try other activities and visit other places like the ones provided below. You may still charter a tricycle, multicab, van, or motorcycle, and include the following in your itinerary but the rates can be a bit higher.

• Firefly Watching in Iwahig ??" Looking at the cluster of glowing insects that can transform a simple tree into a magical tree with their natural light can be one of the most surreal experiences. Much more if these lights are produced by little bodies of fireflies! Firefly watching in Iwahig is a very beautiful experience. Just ask your driver to take you to Iwahig River where you can rent a small boat (Php600 ??" 800 for 2-4 persons). If you want a hassle-free firefly watching tour, a lot of travel agencies are offering this said activity for Php1,100. That includes van service, cottage rental, boat rental, tour guide, and dinner at the site.
• Ugong Rock ??" a limestone rock formation that stands 75 feet high which you can climb through caves and crevices. You may go here directly or drop by this place in the morning before your Underground River tour (if you plan to do so). Activities: Rock Climb: Php200 person. Zip Line: Php250 per person. Location: Baranggay Tagabinet, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.
• Sta. Lourdes Hot Spring ??" Enjoy a very relaxing dip at the hot spring pools of Sta. Lourdes. Although far from other city destinations, this hot spring is worth visiting. There is no entrance fee but visitors are required to rent a pool (Php400 ??" 1000 depending on the size) when going to this place.

Thank you for dropping by. Keep exploring!

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