Experience Magic Bukal Falls

Hidden in the foot of Mt. Banahaw in Majayjay, Laguna is a majestic spring waterfalls concealed beneath the luscious forest, called Bukal Falls. This place will truly give you that magical ambiance, so enchanting!

Bukal Falls is totally a must-see wonder of Laguna! With its clear shimmery deep blue water, giving that enchanting scene, it will definitely awe you with its beauty!


Before you arrive in the place, you have to trek for about 30-45minutes. The trail is not that hard since it mostly consists of a length of cemented path. However, once you get nearer to the falls, the trail becomes a bit harder since it's steep and slippery, so better be careful. But don't worry 'cause there is a guide provided and he will take care of you!


There are two choices where you can have a swim. There is a small falls on the upper level and a bigger one in the lower level. There is also a cliff diving spot in the bigger falls.

The water is very clean, you can even see your reflection from the water. It's deepness is at 15ft. Don't worry lifevests are provided for those who can't swim. Additionally, the water is freezingly cold!!!

• Ride a bus from Cubao/ Buendia to Sta Cruz: 140PHP
• Drop off at Pagsawitan
• Ride a jeep bound to Majayjay: 23PHP
• Drop off at Barangay Bukal

• Registration fee: 20PHP
•Tourguide: 300PHP (60PHP each for a group of 5)

• Ate Nelia: 09282168279

• Majayjay Church- just along Majajay Proper

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