Lake Bababu Beautiful Mystical And Miraculous

This lake situated in Dingat Islands is said to have healing properties.

Renowned for its exquisite caves and fine waters, the Dinagat Islands is an adventurer's dream. Lake Bababu, an enchanting place surrounded by walls of granite, is one of its most famous destinations??"and also perhaps the one that's most shrouded in mystery.

According to Ruben Ecleo Sr., the head of the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association, Lake Bababu's waters have healing properties. Because of its reputation as a sacred place of healing, travelers from all over continually flock to the mountain lake to see it for themselves. Bababu's mystique doesn't end there, though. On top of its supposed curative powers, locals have claimed that the surrounding area is inhabited by "engkantos." Moreover, legend has it that a selfish fisherman that angered nature spirits was once dragged down by a giant barracuda to the bottom of the lake. None of these have stopped anyone from taking a dip in Bababu and enjoying its pristine waters.

Lake Bababu is a destination off the beaten path. Since there's no direct flight from Manila to Surigao del Norte, your best option is to fly to Cebu. From there, you could go either by sea or air to Surigao City. You'd have to take a boat ride from there to San Jose, Dinagat Islands' main town. In San Jose, look for the Balay Turista tourism office to help you arrange a trip to the Lake Bababu and other nearby tourist attractions. Once you're within Bababu's vicinity, it'll take several minutes of hiking before you finally reach the lake proper.

It may be not be the easiest place to go to, but a magical experience is guaranteed every time. Tip: bring your snorkeling gear to make it even more memorable. And oh, don't worry about the giant barracuda??"no one has seen it yet despite the local folklore.

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