Dazzling Lake Bababu At Basilisa Of Dinagat Islands

Lake Bababu is a sacred place for healing and adventurism!

Lake Bababu is located in the Bababu Island, Basilisa town of Dinagat Island province. The lake is amazing clear water with freshwater dominating above the level of water while below is salty. It has an underwater cave that connects the lake to the sea. Some professionals divers were able to navigate this enchanting channel from the lake to the sea.

Going to Laka Bababu will take half an hour through trekking into the jungle. You will experience a steep, uneven, rocky mountains but at the end, the reward is immeasurable as seeing the beautiful view of the lake, refreshing winds surrounded with thick vegetation of lush forest, while swimming the pure and clear water.

Location: Basilisa, Dinagat Islands

How to get there: From Butuan City by bus or van to Surigao City, then ferry boat for crossing the sea to the port of San Jose of Dinagat Island, then from San Jose, another boat ride to Basilisa town where beautiful beaches and islets surround like Isla Aga.

Distance: It will take for estimated 2 to 3 hours from Butuan City to Surigao City using public utility bus or private vehicle, then from Surigao City seaport crossing the sea by ferry boat for an estimated one to two hours in reaching the port of San Jose. While in San Jose, you can hire a ferry boat to carry you to the beautiful beaches and islands of Basilisa.

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