Utanon Festival Dalaguete Cebu

The municipality of Dalaguete is known as the "Summer Capital & Vegetable Basket of Cebu." The town is endowed with nice sandy beaches; that just means that you can have fun on the sand and fun on the streets during fiesta time.

Dalaguete's sea is very enticing for those who love marine adventures such as jet skiing and boating, as well as its beautiful marine sanctuaries which are great spots for scuba divers.

The Utanon Festival ??" is a festival of Music and Dance featuring the high value crops and vegetables as a major form of trade, its contribution to the local economy, its role in cultural diversity and its significance as an industry representative of Dalaguetnons as a people.

The festival shall focus on the concept of the people's cultural practices of religious worship as thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest. It shall become a marketing tool for the promotion of our vegetable industry and gives emphasis that vegetable farming is a sustainable source of livelihood.

These economic components shall be coupled with our reputation as a town of music and world class musicians featuring our cultural heritage. This will be held during the Annual celebration of our Patron Saint San Guillermo de Aquitania on February.

The event will showcase a parade and a competition of the different groups of contingents, musicians, floats, higantes and bands in Dalaguete and will be "spiced up" by groups of dancers who will be dancing with newly developed street dancing steps specifically designed for our festival.

Participating groups are our local contingents composed of elementary and high school students. They will be packaged by using uniforms or costumes with specific themes which are of Cebuano or Visayan traditional influence: e.g. Spanish period, American, colonial, etc.

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