Sumaging Cave

Sagada, Mountain Province

Sumaging Cave, also called Sumaguing Cave, and Lumiang Cave are located in Sagada, in Mountain Province about 140 kms from Baguio City. At the entrance of Sumaguing cave you will be welcomed with some coffins and human remains that can be seen.

There are a lot of small passages that will lead you to the exit which is Lumiang Cave. This activity requires tourists to rappel, crawl, h ...

ike, climb and pass thru pools of water. Here you will be able to see the famous rock formations such as rice granary, giant cauliflower, and the Kings Curtain. Upon reaching the exit which is Lumiang Cave you will be able to see a lot of bats at the ceiling of the cave.

Sumaging Cave or Sumaguing Cave News

  • Where To Go In Sagada? (Sagada Tour Starter Pack)

    Where To Go In Sagada? (Sagada Tour Starter Pack)

    Sagada is best known for its sea of clouds and cold climate. It also became more popular for soul-finding because of the movie "That Thing Called Tadhana", featuring the entire beauty of Sagada, Mountain Province - a place for hopeless romantic.

  • Sagada Mountain Province By John King Ong

    Sagada Mountain Province 2018

    This was my 1st mountain climbing, and it was a blast! Its special coz i'm with my college bestfriends Vea Camille and Alvin. Nakakapagod sobra! Yung 3 days itinerary eh ginawa naming in 2 days!!! LOL. The best tong experience na to. Hinding hindi ko to makakalimutan!!! Sa mga adventurous jan, eto ang dapat niyong puntahan.

    Day 1:
    -Banaue Rice Terraces
    -Public cemetery in Sagada
    -Echo Valley
    -Hanging Coffins
    -Sumaguing Cave
    Day 2:
    -Marlboro Hills
    =Trekking in Banaue Rice Terraces
    -Bomod-Ok Falls
    -Jeepney Road trip

  • Sagada Venture

    Sagada Venture

    A place approximately 5,000-ft above sea level, Sagada is a highland town in the Mountain Province. This scenic settlement in the Cordillera region offers the most spectacular view of mountains, cooler climate due to its high elevation and well-preserved culture.

    It can recommend many exploratory outdoor activities and the cool mountain breeze makes you want to laze around all day, as well as experience lots of great eats. I have gone to Sagada more than a dozen times, but I always try to revisit nearby sites.

    We had short stops at Kapay-Aw Rice Terraces, Sumaguing Cave, and Gaia Cafe fo ...

  • Sagada Budget Travel Guide (With Itinerary Expenses And Top Attractions)

    Sagada Budget Travel Guide (With Itinerary Expenses And Top Attractions)


    Roughly twelve hours of bus ride from Manila, that's how far Sagada is. But is it worth a long journey? Read the blog and find out.

  • Sagada In Mountain Province Philippines

    Sagada In Mountain Province Philippines

    Warning: Picture-heavy post!

    Sagada is known for its "hanging coffins" - the traditional way of burying people which according to their traditions only the married and who have grandchildren may be buried this way. Also, its sunrise viewing which was featured in the movie "That Thing Called Tadhana."

  • Sagada Mountain Province, Where Broken Hearts Go

    Sagada is a town in the Cordillera Mountains, within the Philippines, Mountain Province. Echo Valley's hanging coffins are displayed high on cliffs, while centuries-old coffins are stacked in burial sites like Lumiang Cave. The nearby Sumaguing Cave has unusual limestone formations. To the north, Bomod-ok Falls has a natural swimming pool. Rice terraces are carved into the area's surrounding mountainsides.