Sumaging Cave

Sagada, Mountain Province

Sumaging Cave, also called Sumaguing Cave, and Lumiang Cave are located in Sagada, in Mountain Province about 140 kms from Baguio City. At the entrance of Sumaguing cave you will be welcomed with some coffins and human remains that can be seen.

There are a lot of small passages that will lead you to the exit which is Lumiang Cave. This activity requires tourists to rappel, crawl, h ...

ike, climb and pass thru pools of water. Here you will be able to see the famous rock formations such as rice granary, giant cauliflower, and the Kings Curtain. Upon reaching the exit which is Lumiang Cave you will be able to see a lot of bats at the ceiling of the cave.

Sumaging Cave or Sumaguing Cave News

  • Lumiang And Sumaguing Caves The Sagada Cave Connection

    Lumiang And Sumaguing Caves The Sagada Cave Connection

    The Sumaguing Cave in Sagada, Mountain Province is my first cave experience, and that was way back in 2007. Since then, I've been to a few others, and no matter how you try not to, you cannot help but make comparisons. Fortunately, the time that we explored Sumaguing Cave was a period where only a few people knew about it. Between then and now, of course, the place practically blew up and practically hundreds of visitors drive up to Sagada every weekend. That was certainly one of the shocks I received when I set foot in the place anew.

  • Unique And Scary Moments In The Philippines, Filipino Coffin Caving

    There is a lot of unique moments you can have here in the Philippines sometimes even scary moments!

    On this day in Sagada we decided to go on something called the "Cave Connection". It was a pretty extreme caving experience that took us underground for four hours! Except this cave wasn't only intense and full of beauty it was also home to traditional coffins. Yes, we went caving with coffins in Sagada!

    Watch out as will for the scary moment when JunJun's Shorts ripped!

  • Into The Philippine Wild

    Into The Philippine Wild

    Growing up, I read so much about the world outside. I never really ever dreamed of editing a travel magazine, even when I was already entertaining thoughts of doing magazine work. I did read a lot of Life and The National Geographic, maybe some Travel + Leisure, but it was the lifestyle magazines I got hooked on, whether it was Vanity Fair or Vogue. To follow, say, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor as they roamed the world, lingering at the cafes they frequented, the hotels they stayed in, the ballrooms they waltzed into, the homes they lived in, was the kind of travel that caught my fancy.

    G ...

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    Roadtrip Ifugao - Mt Province, Benguet

    Long before the advent of social media, going to the inner municipalities of Ifugao, Mt. Province, and Benguet requires extensive research, patience, and luck. Today, one can easily visit these places simply by availing tour packages offered by different travel companies online.

  • Mt Province Sumaguing Cave

    Mt Province Sumaguing Cave

    Located in Sagada in the province of Mountain Province, Sumaguing Cave is one of the main highlights and most visited part of the tourism sector of the town.

  • Mt Province Adventure Sagada

    Mt Province Adventure Sagada

    Our adventure today takes us 395.7 kilometers north of Manila to the municipality of Sagada in the province of Mt. Province.