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  • 6 Reasons to Visit Sagada

    6 Reasons to Visit Sagada

    Enveloped between the main Cordillera Ranges and the Ilocos Range, Sagada is no doubt a favorite destination of travel enthusiasts, and it's not just because of the thrill it offers trekkers and climbers.

    Sagada is nestled in a valley at the upper end of the Malitep tributary of the Chico River, one and a half kilometers above sea level in the Central Cordillera. From here visitors have ample access to different amazing water and land forms, from caves and rivers, to breathtaking views??"not to mention exciting climb opportunities??"of Mt. Data, Mt. Kalawitan in the southeast; Mt. Polis, B ...

  • Flow o mighty Chico River

    Flow o mighty Chico River

    Whenever I travel the Halsema highway the sight of the Chico river and the mountains of the Cordillera range, every time wakes up mixed emotions, and always evokes so much pride in my home. "Aye datako ay Igorot ay mangdedeppas luta ya daya" ("Aye, we truly are Igorots touching the earth and the sky"), I say to myself. With bare brawn and raw knowledge of nature our ancestors terraced the foothills and nurtured it to sustain food production for generations and create a picturesque view not only for tourists but also for full-blood Igorots to enjoy and be grateful for.

    The Chico has witnesse ...

  • Court stops small Mt Province miners

    Court stops small Mt Province miners

    The Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 35 here ordered small-scale mining in Barangay Mainit stopped to prevent danger to human lives and irreparable damage to the environment arising from "crude, indiscriminate, unsupervised diggings" among other activities.

    "To ensure that stoppage orders are implemented with urgency, checkpoints should be set up to apprehend illegal transporters of ore and to apprehend and to file charges against illegal loggers as well," said Judge Joseph Patnaan in his resolution.

    The court decision stemmed from a petition for writ of mandamus and a permanent protec ...